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New York City Recruitment Agency

Quintessentially People is an international staffing agency that recruits industry-leading professionals for a broad range of personal and domestic needs. We source professional nannies, personal assistants, domestic staffing, chefs and administrative support roles for all of New York’s busiest and most demanding families and individuals.

With Quintessentially People, you’ll gain access to a talent pool comprised of professionals who have worked for politicians, executives, celebrities and royalty, but also busy families who live and work out of the spotlight. Discover Quintessentially People of New York, and relieve your family from the demands of your time-starved lifestyle.

NYC Nanny Agency - Nannies in New York City

With the right talent, New York City is an incredible place to raise children. Contact Quintessentially People and review resumes from our talent pool of NYC nannies. We source and recruit experienced, caring professionals on a live-in and live-out and full-time and part-time basis. You can hire a doula or baby nurse, traveling live-in nanny,  nanny teacher nanny patemporary nanny, a governess or anything in between.

Quintessentially People interviews and fully screens every nanny we recruit prior to representation. Get in touch with us and hire the nanny who will fit the needs and personalities of your family members perfectly.

NYC Personal Assistant Agency - PAs in New York City

When the details of life get in the way of your business and family, you need help from a personal assistant. Quintessentially People is the NYC PA agency who can recruit the exceptional, experienced talent you need.

We source everything from full-time traveling PAs to part-time PAs who will fully immerse themselves in the lives of our clients. Get help with calendar management, correspondence, errands and tasks, travel arrangements, budgeting and so much more. Make your busy lifestyle run smoothly with help from Quintessentially People.

NYC Domestic Staffing Agency

When you need discreet and professional domestic staffing, you can trust Quintessentially People. We recruit industry-leading household management talent from a broad range of backgrounds. Our talent pool includes butlers, housekeepers, laundresses, estate managers, professional organizers and more who have worked for the world’s most in-demand individuals.

Ask us about recruiting live-in or live-out talent for your New York City home. We can also source domestic staffing that travels, or for homes around the world.

NYC Chef Recruitment Agency - Chefs For Hire in New York City

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an on-staff chef who can anticipate your desires and prepare delicious meals that astonish your expectations? With Quintessentially People, you can! Our talent pool includes professional domestic and commercial chefs who are among the industry’s most highly trained and talented. We recruit full-time, part-time and special event chefs and restaurant staffing on a regular basis. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Quintessentially People operates offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma. Contact our New York City office for more information.