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£6000060,000, Negotiable
Apr 13th 2018 | United Kingdom, Middle East.
Job Contact : Kathrine Sullivan (
Job Reference : QP0002F8

Our UHNW client is seeking a travelling Ladies Maid/Butler/PA. This is a new role where you will be able to show your skills and aptitude for the position and duties required therein.

You will have full responsibility for the female principal's wardrobe and moving forward this may extend to the male principal as well in time. You will ensure that everything is logically and seasonally arranged, properly repaired and laundered/dry cleaned and stored. Packing and unpacking and maintaining inventories. Implementing new inventories and manuals of all personal items of value to the principals. Making appointments, handling personal shopping and other private/personal work as requested by the principal/s.

It is imperative that you have experience of working with high value wardrobes along with knowledge of packing/unpacking/laundry/pressing and current trends in fashion/colour etc.

Once you have established yourself in the role you will be given access to, 2 other staff members who you will training in the art of wardrobe management so that when you are on annual leave/down time there will be cover for the principal.

5* travel with the role to, many international destinations which will include; safe Middle Eastern destination, Europe and many other exotic locations. You may travel with the family on occasions and at other times ahead of them to ensure all is ready for their arrival.

Experience of PA work and knowledge of modern gadgets/apps etc. Making appointments, travel research and other duties as directed.

Languages – It is essential that you have very good English and other languages would be beneficial although not essential such as French, Arabic or others.

Exceptional understanding of etiquette is paramount to the position you will hold! An unobtrusive, dedicated and discreet manner knowing how to work around ultra-high net worth clients and knowing when to withdraw and respect their privacy and boundaries.

Excellent salary package available, accommodation provided, food and drink, medical cover, mobile and 30 days annual leave.

Please get in touch with Kathrine Sullivan for more information.