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May 17th 2017 | India, Asia.
Job Contact : Antonia Edwards (
Job Reference : QP0001ZK

The Founder & Group Chairman of a multinational corporation, working with nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries is seeking an experienced personal assistant and travel companion, to be based in India, whose primary role would be to shadow and provide A to Z personal and professional support for international as well as domestic travel.

A can-do and always-positive attitude is a must! You must wear many hats and have the appropriate sense of style for the occasion, whatever that may be. This is a true “right-hand” position and the candidate must handle workflow for several companies.

Key Responsibility Areas:

- reading, monitoring and responding to Founder & Group Chairman’s emails
- answering calls and liaising with contacts competently
- prepare or draft correspondence / communications on behalf of the executive
- delegating work in the absence of the executive
- diary management, planning and organizing meetings
- organizing travel, preparing complex travel itineraries, travel with the Founder & Group Chairman in his domestic & international travels
- attending meetings along with the executive or on behalf of the executive
- taking action points and writing minutes
- preparing papers for meetings
- planning and organizing events
- conducting research
- preparing presentations, personal financial documents, etc.
- managing and reviewing filing and office systems and provide backup data as required
- typing documents
- managing projects and monitoring budgets
- managing and supervising secretaries
- support the Founder & Group Chairman by keeping them organized, on-schedule and effectively manage most aspects of day to day functions of the Founder & Group Chairman
- business luncheons, personal meals and entertainment

Specific duties may vary depending upon the schedule but typically involve the above.

Skill Sets:

- Listening and Communication Skills: You will be expected to follow instructions from the Founder & Group Chairman, and your ability to understand those instructions with little or no follow up. Relate messages or instructions to others. Good listening and communication skills ensures that the information is relayed correctly.

- People/Interpersonal Skills: You will be working directly with at least one person. But you also might be the first line of communication between the Founder & Group Chairman and the outside world, potentially speaking with other employees, upper management, clients, supply chain, public medias, etc.

- Organizational Skills: Keep the working day in order. Scheduling meetings, appointments, billing, etc. will all require a successful personal assistant to have terrific organizational skills.

- Travel & Health Care Skills: Will do travel plans, accompany the Founder & Group Chairman in his domestic and overseas travels, hotel arrangements, appointments & meetings, general medical/health care, medicine timings, support health/fitness goals, etc. Willing to travel a lot and work out of timings.

- Computer Skills: Writing emails, transcribing notes, faxing, copying, creating power point presentations and spreadsheets or printing documents.

- Good time management

- Willing to travel a lot and work out of timing.

- Flexible to operate under pressure.

Other Expectations:

You will travel with the Founder & Group Chairman handling every moment-to-moment detail and coordinating real-time with support staff back in the office. You will be present in high-level and business-critical meetings with top-level executives, creative people and top brass in the government, as well as working with PR staff during press events and public presentations.

You will fit personal time into principal’s tight travel schedule. When you leave town with principal, travel averages about 10 overnight trips per month which could be domestic or international.

When traveling, you would maintain the same hours as the principal, often getting up early to finalize details for business meetings, breakfasts and staying out late for dinners with other executives and potential business partners.

When not traveling, you would work with principal’s local companies and housing staff, supporting multiple offices and homes, personal shopping, and supporting health/fitness goals. You would also attend local meetings and be provided a company vehicle to drive so that the principal can work on emails or do conference calls without worrying about traffic, directions, parking, etc.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required. You must have a valid passport and be available to travel on a moment’s notice. The ideal candidate should have personal service or hospitality background, experience directly reporting to a busy executive, and ambition to grow into a long-term position inside the corporate office. The possibility for career enhancement is unlimited, directly related with your ability to understand and anticipate principal’s needs and use that understanding to create a balanced lifestyle.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a career PA with the desire to travel and to progress within a forward thinking, evolving, international company supporting an UHNWI in every aspect of their day-to-day life. You will be provided with a private 1-2 bedroom apartment and a chauffeur driven vehicle, along with your meals while in working hours and of course your travel and accommodation expenses. You will also be awarded with a round trip ticket home annually.

If this sounds like the role for you, then please do get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

Please note that candidates with relevant experience and excellent, checkable references need only apply.  

Please get in touch with Antonia Edwards for more information.