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Please note that Quintessentially People is no longer trading. If you have any queries regarding the UK entity in Liquidation, please contact Wilkins Kennedy on +44 (0)1784 435561.

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Quintessentially People are an international recruitment agency, predominantly focussing on private and corporate support roles for influential businesses, individuals & families internationally. We have offices in Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma. We are affiliated with the award winning, global luxury lifestyle business, the Quintessentially Group, which has offices in 60 cities around the world, and is made up of approximately 33 sister businesses. The Quintessentially Group is the largest luxury lifestyle business in the world.


We have seven main sections at the agency: Private Household & Estate Staff, PA & Administrative Support Staff, Childcare, Private & Commercial Chefs, Yacht & Aircraft Crew , Security & Close Protection and Executive Level Placements, but we recruit for a large number of other ad-hoc roles from the most junior up to CEO level in numerous other sectors.


Cassie - PR Account Director

London, UK

Cassie has 10 years' fashion and lifestyle PR experience gained in-house at high-end fashion brands and within agencies working on a variety of luxury, emerging and high-street names.

Jo - Private PA

Los Angeles, USA

Having worked for very high profile and often very demanding employers, Jo easily submerges herself into becoming a second brain for her clients and stays ten steps ahead of the next request.

Gwen - Chief Stewardess


Gwen is an exceptional and highly experienced Chief Stewardess who has been working on board some of the world’s most renowned super yachts for the past ten years.

Rhodri - Bodyguard

London, UK

Rhodri was part of the Royal Marines for 7 years, working in hostile environments around the world. For the last 7 years he has worked as a Close Protection Officer for high net worth individuals in the UK and around the world.

Louenna - Nanny

London, UK

Louenna is a highly professional and Norland qualified nanny. She has extensive experience with children from birth in a variety of settings and has also worked for the Royal Family in Dubai.

Leslie - Chef

Los Angeles, USA

With an amazing fifteen year background in healthy, organic cooking, Leslie Pollock is a chef in demand. Leslie's cooking is inspired by her travels to Indonesia and Japan, where she lived for 5 years.

What types of client do you represent?

Our clients at Quintessentially People range from numerous well-known (and less well-known) businesses, to Royal families across the world, politicians and international businessmen, and high profile names in music, fashion, film and television. We also look after numerous less well known private families staff. We are happy to take on any request we feel we can help with – you do not need to be a well-known or wealthy individual to use our services and our fees are very competitive (please see below).

What type of positions do you place at Quintessentially People?

The following will give you a flavour of the range of positions we are tasked to headhunt on behalf of our clients – they have included:

- A private PA & private travelling chef for a high profile name in music
- An Executive Assistant for a high street retailer’s CEO
- A travelling Palace Manager for a foreign Royal
- A CEO for a new luxury startup business
- A Michelin star Chef for a private household in Sussex, UK
- A travelling Bodyguard for a high profile supermodel
- An Account Director of a prolific PR agency in Central London
- A Couple to manage the estate of a senior politician
- A Director to run an international family office
- A Receptionist for a film production company
- A Captain and his crew for a mega yacht for the summer season in the Mediterranean
- A publicist and business manager to oversee the launch of an international business on behalf of a foreign Royal
- A Tutor and PA to educate and manage the wife of a foreign non-English speaking President
- A Nutritionist and Personal Trainer to travel 24/7 with the owner of a high profile American fashion brand
- A Managing Director to head up a small international hedge fund
- A Marketing Director for a well-known champagne brand
- An Events Planner for one of the world’s leading events agencies
- A Housekeeper for a private house in Eaton Square
- A travelling nanny for an international Royal family
- A temporary nanny for an American family visiting Australia

Our Candidate Screening Process

We have strict procedures in place regarding the process of sourcing and vetting candidates represented by Quintessentially People.

How do you source your candidates?

We have many ways of sourcing candidates. It could be through a networking event, through word of mouth recommendations, targeted advertising, direct headhunting (this involves researching the specific sector we are working on and finding people who could be suitable from rival companies and discreetly approaching them), direct applications by candidates and even through other sister businesses at the Quintessentially Group.

Once you have sourced a candidate, do you interview and “vet” the candidate?

If a candidate is potentially suitable for a position with a client (or just generally to be represented by Quintessentially People) we will contact the candidate by phone and/or email to invite them for a face to face interview.

We meet with ALL of our candidates. If the candidate is located in a different country, we will try our best to arrange a face to face interview, but if this is not possible, we will arrange a live video conference with the candidate and interview them in this way.

Before the interview begins, the candidate is asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which protects any confidential information about the client or our business that the candidate may see or hear during the interview process and continues until we no longer represent them. If you would like to see a copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, please feel free to ask us for a copy.

What questions do you ask during the interview process?

The interview covers everything from the person’s job history, through to their personality, their job likes and dislikes, their ambitions, their salary and package expectations, and anything else we think will be relevant to their representation at the agency. If the candidate is interviewing with us for a specific position, we will target questions at their experience in relation to relevant skills and personality/character traits relevant to the position. If there are specific questions you would like us to ask the candidate, please feel free to ask us.

If I choose to use your agency, will you advertise the position to find suitable candidates and if so, where would you advertise?

We try not to advertise our positions if we can help it and we rarely do advertise. However, at times there is a need for us to do so. If we do advertise a position with a client, we will never mention the client’s name and will always keep the advert generic, targeting the skills and experience of the candidate rather than the specific details of the position. If you would like to know if we are going to advertise a position, please ask us and we will be happy to let you know if we need to, and where we will be advertising. We will also ask you to review the advert before it is published online or in print.

Do you carry out any ID checks on the candidate and their eligibility to work?

We always check ID such as a passport, driving licence or other such suitable ID. We will always check the candidate’s eligibility to work in each specific country. We will also help with the visa process where possible, should the candidate be required to move abroad.

Do you carry out reference checks and criminal checks prior to submitting a candidate to us?

After the interview, providing the candidate is suitable for representation, we will then begin reference checks and, where required, criminal background checks before submitting the candidate to any client. Most agencies do not carry out reference checks prior to submitting candidates for a position, but it is our policy to do so in order to protect both you and us (as much as possible) from any potential issues further into the process. We try and carry out 3 reference checks if possible (all with previous employers, never personal references), which are generally taken over email or phone.

With regards to criminal background checks, this can sometimes take up to a week, depending on how busy the local Police force is and the nationality of the candidate. Sometimes the candidate will have a recent criminal check, especially if they currently work with children or vulnerable adults.

When you send candidates to us, what information do you include?

When we are satisfied with the references/any criminal check, we will try and get at least 4 candidates sent to you (unless you have specified otherwise). Each candidate we send to you will have the following attached:

• A CV
• A Candidate Profile (written up post-interview – this includes information such as personality, their ambitions, their experience and their salary/package expectations, as well as any other information we feel is relevant to the specific position).
• References (generally 3)
• Any DSB/CRB check that has been carried out (with the candidate’s permission), if required.

How do you ensure that each candidate is who they say they are?

As with any screening process on an individual, although we try our very best to ensure our candidates are honest and reliable and they have a solid background, we can only carry out so much due diligence. If you would like more in-depth investigations carried out on the candidate (with their permission), please let us know at the start of the process as some candidates may not be comfortable with this.

Do you tell the candidate who we are before they meet with us?

This is entirely up to you. We will not, at any point, reveal a client’s name to the candidate unless specifically requested by a client. We will ask you prior to you meeting with the candidate if we can reveal who the company/person is that they are interviewing with. We will not, however, reveal your name at any stage of the interview process unless you have specifically requested for us to do so. Due to the nature of some of our positions, sometimes the candidate will not know who the client is even at first or second interview stage. We try our best to discourage this as we prefer our candidates to be able to make informed decisions about who they interview with. It also saves any disappointment (on either side) further into the interview process. However, we do understand that given the high profile nature of some of our clients that this may be the only process you are happy to follow, and we will inform candidates of this before submitting them to you.

What makes you different from other recruitment agencies?

Quintessentially People is part of the largest and most successful global luxury lifestyle concierge business in the world, which no other recruitment business in this sector can match. The Quintessentially Group has offices in 67 cities, with over 23 sister businesses, ranging from aviation, events and music, through to design, medical and even our own vodka brand! Therefore we have a huge support network and can successfully fill any request you give to us, even if it is not related to recruitment, we can still pass you on to the relevant person who can help you.

We always strive to offer you a first class service. We don’t always get it right, and when this happens we will try our very best to resolve it, but we generally do get it right and we have a huge number of satisfied clients around the world.

All of our consultants have relevant backgrounds in the area in which they work and we follow strict processes for each client we take on. We have a strong and loyal team in each office and consultants are there to offer you the best service they can. If you are not satisfied with any of the processes, please feel free to email our Managing Director, Samuel Martin (, who will be more than happy to help resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

We are a proud member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), which is the only professional body to monitor standards and provide support across the recruitment industry. All members of the REC must abide by a strict Code of Practice. The REC are committed to raising standards and highlighting excellence throughout the recruitment industry.

What fees do you charge and do you offer any free replacements?

Our fees are very competitive and generally in line with, if not below, the industry average. For an up-to-date fee sheet, please contact us.

With regards to free replacements – we offer a generous free replacement policy for candidates who either leave of their own accord, or are asked to leave by you (usually 12 weeks). For up to date information on this, please contact us.

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