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When you need private aircraft recruitment agency to fulfill your travel needs, get in touch with Quintessentially People. We recruit and place private aircraft crew for planes of all sizes and in all locations around the world.

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Benefits of Hiring a Private Flight Attendant with Quintessentially People

  • Reserves catering and prepares dining settings
  • Selects serving-preferred brands of alcohol
  • Uses passenger preferences to arrange accommodations
  • Ensures passenger safety through training and demonstrations
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live

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Private Flight Attendant Responsibilities and Qualifications

As private air travel has evolved, so have the responsibilities of the private flight attendant. Today’s flight attendant must demonstrate the requisite experience as well as discretion, accommodation, anticipation and a friendly-not-familiar disposition. The private flight attendant must also be willing to adapt to new personalities, cultures and situations, and be able to work on an as-needed basis, sometimes with irregular hours.

A focus on passenger safety is a necessity, but so is the ability to provide outstanding service. Services that a private flight attendant may perform include reserving catering, preparing dining settings, selecting serving-preferred brands of alcohol, arranging flowers and learning general information about passenger preferences.

A qualified private flight attendant will:

  • Demonstrate prior training and experience in several skills beyond what is normally expected of a commercial flight attendant. This may include advanced first aid and catering skills.
  • Demonstrate attributes beyond what a commercial flight attendant possesses. These include creativity, detail-oriented thinking, discretion, integrity, anticipatory thinking, problem-solving skills and flexibility.
  • Demonstrate years of experience in inflight cabin service(FACTS) and safety and emergency training. Many clients prefer that private flight attendants also hold a four-year college degree.
  • Be able to accommodate the needs of a diverse variety of passengers, from executives and celebrities to politicians and royalty. Many Quintessentially People recruits have worked for high-performing individuals in the past.

Hire a Private Flight Attendant

Quintessentially People recruits full-time, part-time and special event private flight attendants for a diverse international clientele. All private flight attendants for hire from Quintessentially People pass rigorous background checks prior to representation.

When you choose Quintessentially People for your private aircraft recruitment needs, you’ll gain access to an elite group of professionals with outstanding qualifications and experience. We will only send the candidates with the background you want to see for your approval.

Should you find your private flight attendant unsatisfactory within 12 weeks, we will replace your candidate with someone new at no charge to you. No matter where you are in the world or what your needs might be, we can help.

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