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Yacht Deckhand Staffing

If you own or manage the affairs of a yacht, then you understand a vessel is only as strong as its crew. Safe sailing and happy passengers require a well trained crew, from Captain to Deckhand.

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Quintessentially People are one of the world’s leading yacht staffing agencies. Our London headquarters and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma will give you access to the candidates who meet your specific needs.

To recruit the yacht Deckhands and staff members who will assure a safe and comfortable voyage, contact Quintessentially People.

Benefits of Hiring a Deckhand with Quintessentially People

  • Takes care of cleaning responsibilities
  • Handles the systems line
  • Escorts and communicates with guests
  • Assists interior staff with meals and cleaning
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live

Contact your regional office for help finding the right Deckhand staff for your yacht.

Hire a Yacht Deckhand

The entry level role for almost all professional crew jobs on board a yacht is that of a deckhand. This role will encompass a wide range of duties to educate the individual in all working areas of the yacht. The Deckhand’s main responsibility will be to maintain the exterior of the yacht and keep it on tip top condition at all times. A deckhand could be the sole individual in this position, however on larger yachts you would expect there to be a team of deckhands, sometimes as many as 5 or more. A tireless and positive attitude as well as plenty of energy are required for junior crew members with ambitions for a prosperous career at sea. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

• Cleaning the yacht, including polishing, varnishing, sanding, painting, fiberglass restoration and carpentry

• Handling the systems line

• Maintaining the general exterior

• Driving tenders and/or water sports equipment

• Assisting all deck crew members as required

• Escorting and communicating with guests when using water sports equipment

• Diving (if qualified)

• Assisting interior staff with meals and cleaning as required

• Assisting the chef in the galley as required

A deckhand will display a real positive, “can-do” attitude and will work as part of a team with a strong work ethic. This individual must be able to follow instructions and learn on the job. A Deckhand must remain well-presented and professional at all times, with excellent communication skills. Discretion is a must. The ability to speak multiple languages is a plus.

Why Quintessentially People

Yacht owners and managers who could choose any recruiter work with Quintessentially People because of the quality of candidates in our talent pool. Many of our yacht crew recruits have worked for the most prestigious families and businesses in the world. In addition to Deckhands, we also source Captains, Chief Mates, Engineers, Pursers, and Stewards and Stewardesses. If your yacht Deckhand does not meet your goals within our guarantee period, let us know. We replace unsatisfactory hires at no charge.

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