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Yacht Steward/Stewardess Staffing

We’ll listen carefully to your requirements and provide you with discreet, competent candidates who have worked for royalty, executives, politicians, celebrities and major corporations. With our help, your yacht crew will include the staff members who expertly care for you and your guests, no matter where you are in the world.

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Quintessentially People are ready to help you complete your yacht staff with a new hire that meets your precise specifications. With headquarters in London and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma, you can rest assured we can provide you with the candidates who understand your lifestyle, no matter your location.

For more information about our yacht crew staffing services, contact Quintessentially People.

Benefits of Hiring a Steward/Stewardess with Quintessentially People

  • Facilitate guest services and requests
  • Provide cabin services
  • Restock and oversee inventories
  • Do laundry for guests and crew members
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live

Contact your regional office to find the right Stewards and Stewardesses for your yacht.

Hire a Yacht Steward/Stewardess

A Steward/ess forms the core of the interior team and must deliver in all areas of service and housekeeping to a 7-star, luxury level. The Steward/ess will report directly to their Chief Steward/ess and often will be working their way up to this senior level. The stamina to work long hours and the ability to live an onboard lifestyle are essential attributes of the successful career Steward/ess. Duties of the Steward/ess include, but are not limited to:

• Facilitating guest service and all requests; including meals, bartending, housekeeping and laundry

• Providing cabin service and detailing the vessel, as instructed by the Chief Steward/ess

• Restocking and overseeing inventories as instructed by the Chief Steward/ess

• Doing laundry for guests and crew members

• Assisting with fenders and lines on deck as required

The Steward/ess will demonstrate immaculate attention to detail, discretion, an energetic attitude and be able to follow instructions. A positive outlook is required by all steward/esses and service must be relayed with a smile at all times. The Steward/ess will be professionally presented and well-spoken. The ability to speak multiple languages is a plus. Individuals with teamwork and multi-tasking skills are best suited for work as a Steward/ess.

Why Quintessentially People

Yacht owners and operators who could choose Quintessentially People for their staffing needs because the caliber of our talent pool is unparalleled anywhere in the world. You’ll gain access to experienced professionals you need and gain a customer service experience you won’t ever forget. We fully screen all of our candidates prior to representation to assure they meet our strict standards for quality and declared expertise. If your new Steward/ess does not meet your expectations within our guarantee period, we will replace your candidate at no charge to you.

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