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Yacht & Aircraft Crew

You work hard, and you desire the best travel experience possible — whether for business or pleasure. You know there is no experience like travelling on a private aircraft or luxury motor yacht, and the professionals who operate these craft should provide you with the luxurious and safe experience you expect. 

Yacht Crew Recruitment

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Palma and Cannes — the largest yachting hubs in the world — our dedicated MLC Certified yacht crew specialists can provide highly experienced international yacht crew for yachts of all sizes, anywhere in the world. Hire yacht crew that includes the highest calibre of candidate, all of whom have been interviewed and are fully qualified with relevant certifications.

Quintessentially People's Yacht Crew division achieved MLC certification in July 2014 and is one of only a handful of yacht crew agencies based in the United States to be fully MLC compliant. To read more about the MLC, please click here.

Our candidates range in experience, depending on your requirements, and we can fulfill any role on board your yacht. Whether you require a Captain with 20 years' international experience, a Michelin star chef for your Mediterranean cruise or a Chief Stewardess who is able to provide masseuse services and recruit new staff for your team onboard, we can help.

The roles we source include:

  • CaptainThe captain is ultimately responsibility for the safety of the passengers and security of the craft. The captain will navigate and operate the yacht within safe limits at the direction of the owner, hire and manage crew members, oversee maintenance and troubleshooting, and entertain as required.

  • First MateThe second-in-command to the captain, the first mate oversees safety drills, trains and supervises the deck crew, maintains and inventories the equipment, navigates and operates the bridge electronics, and stands in for the captain when required.

  • Chief Engineer/ Second EngineerThe chief engineer reports to the captain, supervises the engineering staff and is responsible for the maintenance of the mechanical and electrical systems of the yacht. The engineer maintains and repairs engine problems, sources and installs replacement parts, and assists with docking and other on-deck tasks.

  • PurserThe purser manages the inventory and provisions related to the interior of the yacht. Found only on very large yachts, the purser assists with paperwork, coordinates guest requests and activities, manages the finances, and controls service and housekeeping.

  • Steward/StewardessSimilar to the purser, the  chief steward or stewardess reports directly to the captain and is responsible for interior maintenance, inventory, guest services and cleaning. Steward and stewardesses assist the chief steward in the completion of these duties and specialize in anticipating and responding to guest needs.

  • ChefThe chef plans and prepares every meal, purchases the food supplies and directs the efforts of supporting galley staff. The chef must be aware of special dietary requirements and preferences, and ensure that food storage safety rules are adhered to rigorously. Wine knowledge and the ability to communicate in multiple languages are helpful skill sets on the largest oceangoing yachts.

  • DeckhandThis entry-level role encompasses a wide range of duties. Maintenance, cleaning and guest service are just some of the responsibilities of the deckhand.

Traveling Beauty Therapist and Masseuse Recruitment

You should not have to miss out on any luxuries while sailing on you yacht. Staff your yacht with a traveling beauty therapist and masseuse.

A beauty therapist expertly performs services such as advanced skincare, hair care, nail care, makeup application and hair removal. A masseuse can keep you relaxed during high-stress travel and share stretches and other techniques that can help the client relax, soothe tense muscles, improve posture and more.

With offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma, we can source a talent pool of recognized professionals anywhere in the world. If you need a beauty therapist or masseuse to travel with you and meet your specific needs, contact Quintessentially People.

Aircraft Crew Recruitment

If you have recently purchased a luxury aircraft, Quintessentially People is the private aircraft staffing agency you can trust to source highly qualified and experienced crew members. Hire multiple private aircraft staff members or gain access to the individual candidates that meet your specific requirements.

Hiring Crew for Your Private Travels

When your lifestyle demands access to an experienced talent pool of trained yacht and private aircraft professionals, contact Quintessentially People. Quintessentially People recruits and places qualified experts with families and businesses around the world.

Hire permanent private aircraft staff for your business or family, or source a complete yacht crew for hire for your next vacation.

Contact Quintessentially People for More Information

Quintessentially People recruits trained and discreet professionals who understand what it means to provide world-class service. To source a crew or crew member for your luxury yacht or aircraft, complete our online form for more information.

Quintessentially People maintains yacht staffing services in Fort Lauderdale & Cannes and more offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Palma.

Contact the office closest to you to discuss your private yacht or aircraft staffing needs.

If you are a candidate and want to register with Quintessentially People, please submit your CV/resume via the  Contact Us page. All registrations are treated in the strictest confidence. We do our very best to impress all of our candidates and strive to maintain a consistent service - however, in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any part of our service, please get in touch with Quintessentially People at" data-track="">">

We can only represent candidates in our yacht crew division who have an STCW certificate. To find an MCA approved maritime college to obtain an STCW certificate, please  click here.

For more information about STCW certificates, please  click here.

Below you will find a range of roles that we can place at Quintessentially People's Yacht Crew division, including a description of the role and average salary ranges.