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Private Security Driver Recruitment

Our candidates understand that maintaining the safety and security of you, your family and your belongings is the top priority. You’ll also discover that our security driver professionals will assure the smooth and clean operation and appearance of your vehicles. Why leave anything to chance? With Quintessentially People, your peace of mind is the only goal that matters.

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When security is your top priority, get in touch with Quintessentially People. We will source security driver candidates that will transport you, your family and your belongings safely, whenever and wherever you need to go. Eliminate the worries and hassles that accompany travel and gain the peace of mind you deserve with Quintessentially People.

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Benefits of Hiring a Security Driver

  • Thoroughly inspects vehicle to ensure safe operation
  • Conducts any necessary vehicle maintenance
  • Uses defensive and evasive driving to keep you safe
  • Conducts foot patrol and surveillance
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live

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Security Driver Responsibilities

The security driver employs a broad skillset that combines evasive and defensive driving training, vehicle safety inspection and maintenance, and foot patrol and surveillance. Prior to embarking with the principal on any scheduled excursions, the driver will thoroughly inspect the vehicle, assuring its safe operation and clean presentation. The number of vehicles and drivers will vary depending on the level of risk or environment. A low-risk client may just have one vehicle, whereas a high-level individual may require additional cars to form a fleet that will flank the principal’s vehicle.

Security driver candidates must hold a clean driving license and demonstrate a history of or a willingness to undertake job-specific training. The security driver will be well presented, have excellent communication and written skills and maintain an air of professionalism at all times. Keeping abreast of innovative wireless technology and systems is a must for the security driver, including continuing job-specific education through training courses and other means.

Duties may include, but are not limited to, vehicle patrol of exterior areas of given locations, foot patrol of interior/exterior areas of given locations, surveillance and reporting any suspicious activities and persons, proactive response to any emergency situation, enforcement of procedures and rules for the safe transportation of the principal and car fleet management and upkeep.

Hire a Security Driver

At Quintessentially People, we understand high-profile individuals face security threats most people cannot understand. Review the resumes of our security candidates and you’ll discover a highly trained class of professionals with military or police experience. Not only do our candidates have safe driving records, but they also demonstrate the excellent judgment and observation skills you expect. That’s why royalty, politicians, celebrities, executives and other security-sensitive individuals choose us again and again for their driver recruitment needs. A security guard recruited from Quintessentially People will:

  • Assure the safe operation and clean appearance of the vehicles in your fleet, while also addressing scheduled maintenance needs.

  • Stay vigilant for potential threats and employ evasive and defensive driving maneuvers when necessary. 

  • Serve as security during travel, including foot patrol and surveillance duties, thus assuring your safety.

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