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Our talent pool includes individuals with experience working for the world’s most prestigious businesses and families, and we can place a candidate no matter where you live or work. Get in touch with us when you need your recruitment agency to furnish you with the candidates who meet your specific requirements.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer

  • Assists in managing home projects
  • Clears clutter and reorganizes rooms
  • Helps you plan your space to maximize storage
  • Identifies unwanted items for selling, donation, or throwing out
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live

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Hire a Professional Organizer

A Professional Organizer is an individual who makes sense of clutter and develops a system that keeps your affairs in order at your home or business. A competent Professional Organizer also saves you money and time because you won’t waste resources replacing items you can’t find but already have. Professional Organizers can set up any type of system for your home. As long as the system the Organizer creates works for you and is easy for you to sustain, it is successful. From rearranging your closets to cleaning out your kitchen to developing a filing system you’ll actually use, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed when you hire a Professional Organizer.

A Professional Organizer can also help you manage larger home projects. Whether you would like to make a household employee handbook or change your workout room into a baby room an Organizer can do this with ease. Quintessentially People can source a Professional Organizer who will:

• Clear clutter and reorganize your bedroom, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, storage unit, library, home office, paperwork, garage, attic — and any other area that needs attention.

• Help you better plan your space so you can maximize storage, return a room to its original function or redesign it entirely.

• Go through and separate unwanted belongings and identify items for selling, donation, repurposing and throwing out.

• Demonstrate discretion, patience, diplomacy and grace under pressure at all times.

• Demonstrate knowledge of the most effective storage solutions and the best places to donate different types of goods.

• Demonstrate the ability to develop a system that works for the client as opposed to what works personally for the Organizer.

Why Quintessentially People?

Quintessentially People recruits talented candidates who pass rigorous internal screening prior to representation. We will listen carefully to your needs and only send you the recruits who meet your precise requirements. If your Professional Organizer does not meet your needs within 12 weeks, we will send another candidate at no cost to you.

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