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Caretaker Staffing

At Quintessentially People, we understand that caring for a large home is a full-time job in and of itself. Rarely do our clients have the time or the experience to manage essential household maintenance tasks.

Get in touch with us to tell us about your precise needs, and we’ll provide the talent pool of candidates who will care for your home with expertise.

Benefits of Hiring a Caretaker

  • In charge of inside and outside maintenance of home
  • Completes any plumbing or carpentry jobs necessary
  • Oversees care and repair of automobiles and equipment
  • Maintains care of home while keeping a strict budget
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live

Call your regional office or fill out our contact form to find a Caretaker to manage your home.

Hire A Caretaker

A Caretaker has full charge of the outside and inside maintenance and care of a home. Duties include painting, gardening, plumbing and carpentry, overseeing vendors and scheduling repairs. A Caretaker also oversees the care and repair of the automobiles and other maintenance equipment, such as lawnmowers and snow blowers.

A qualified Caretaker will:

• Demonstrate the training or employment history that proves the qualifications as well as the personal attributes required for success in the role.

• Take care of maintenance tasks before they become problems and suggest improvements when necessary.

• Maintain a list of trustworthy professionals who can perform specialized tasks that lie outside normal job requirements.
Demonstrate the ability to stay on budget while assuring the home maintains the standards expected by the employer.

Why Quintessentially People

Quintessentially People gives you access to a talent pool of trained and experienced professionals with the mindset and energy to satisfy your needs. Get in touch with us to interview pre-screened candidates who meet your precise specifications. If your new Caretaker fails to meet your expectations within 12 weeks, let us know. We replace unsatisfactory candidates at no charge.

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Quintessentially People are uniquely positioned to recruit a Caretaker for your home, no matter where you are in the world. We maintain headquarters in London and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma.

For more information or to recruit the Caretaker who meets your needs, contact us today.

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