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When you need an experienced and discreet Butler who understands essential concepts such as anticipatory thinking, contact Quintessentially People.

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Quintessentially People operates offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma. Contact the office closest to your home to interview the Butler who will meet your needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Butler

  • Cares and maintains appearance of the home
  • Provides formal table service and service of drinks
  • Supervises staff and oversees management of home
  • Cares for wine cellars, silver, antiques, or art
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live

Contact us to help you find a Butler that will meet your and your guests' needs.

Hire a Butler

A Butler is typically responsible for a single residence, supervising and hiring household. The Butler is responsible for the care, maintenance and appearance of the entire house. In more formal and traditional households, the Butler’s role also encompasses all the familiar duties of formal table service and service of drinks, valeting, care of the wine cellar, cleaning of silver, care of fine antiques and art, supervising other staff and general management of the home. Butlers are multi-talented, hands-on individuals, who are not very prescriptive about their duties and are prepared to multi-task in all manner of areas. A Butler may also be required to act as Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Chef and Events Organizer. Butlers often need to be highly computer literate, and are increasingly asked to speak a second language. Butlers also often travel with their employers and run or work in multiple homes.

Quintessentially People will recruit a Butler who:

• Demonstrates the requisite training. Quintessentially People can recruit Butler candidates with the background you desire, such as formal training or hotel management. Butler candidates must demonstrate expertise across a wide range of household tasks, including cleaning, maintenance, wine and food service, entertaining, staff management and budget management.

• Demonstrates desirable personality attributes. Your Butler will be able to lead and direct household staff members while understanding the concepts of friendly-not-familiar and invisible yet available. In addition, problem-solving acumen, a willingness to assist other household staff members, resourcefulness and addressing issues before they become problems are required.

• Is discreet and trustworthy. Your Butler will pass a strict background check before representation.

• Can help your family manage multiple homes. Quintessentially People can source a traveling Butler who can care for each of your residences with the attention you expect. Your Butler will maintain a list of trusted repairmen and contractors and will be able to oversee maintenance and renovations with equal skill.

Why Quintessentially People

When you choose Quintessentially People, you’ll work with an international staffing agency with the ability to recruit a qualified candidate for your home, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll interview only the candidates who meet your specific requirements. Should your new Butler fail to meet your expectations within 12 weeks, we will provide a different candidate at no charge.

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