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Secretary Recruitment

As a leading international recruitment agency, Quintessentially People has access to an exceptional talent pool of candidates who have worked for top executives, politicians, celebrities, royalty and other in-demand individuals. We will listen carefully to your needs and goals, and furnish you with the candidates who meet your precise expectations. Get in touch with Quintessentially People for more information. 

Benefits of Hiring a Secretary

  • Oversees administrative and organizational tasks
  • Manages correspondence within the organization
  • Keeps systems in working order and ensures supplies are available
  • Organizes meetings, manages calendar, and oversees office systems
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you conduct business

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Secretary Job Responsibilities

A secretary is an administrator within an office who oversees administrative and organizational tasks for a senior member of staff or a team. A secretary is usually in charge of all records and manages all correspondence in relation to the affairs of the organization. A secretary’s duties can include taking dictation, typing, taking minutes, filing, managing correspondence, organizing meetings, managing calendars, overseeing office systems and databases, and any other administrations duties required.

Quintessentially People will recruit a secretary with:

  • The personal attributes that contribute toward success in the role. The secretary we source for you will demonstrate anticipatory thinking, resourcefulness and grace under pressure. Your secretary will also be discreet and courteous, demonstrate common sense, and have outstanding organization and communication skills.

  • Relevant experience. Whether or not you choose a seasoned secretary with years of practical experience or you prefer an educated beginner, Quintessentially People can help. Your secretary will be able to correspond in writing correctly, arrange travel, submit and track expense reimbursements, manage your calendar, take and relay accurate messages, keep records organized, demonstrate strong computer skills and welcome guests to your office with courtesy. 

  • Assure your office functions smoothly by anticipating needs before they become problems. In addition to managing your affairs, your secretary will assure that systems and supplies are kept in good working order, replenishing or repairing as necessary.

Hire a Secretary

The right secretary makes it easier for you to perform your job effectively. Quintessentially People can recruit the secretary that meets your specific needs. If you aren’t satisfied with your new hire within 12 weeks, we will replace your secretary at no charge to you.

Quintessentially People maintains offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma and places secretary’s worldwide. Contact the office closest to you for more information.

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