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Lifestyle Manager

Lifestyle Management Recruitment

When you or your clients have achieved extraordinary success, you expect to live an extraordinary lifestyle. You’ve also discovered that planning vacations, purchasing a suitable wardrobe, finding the latest and best restaurants, and coordinating social activities is incredibly time-consuming.

Wherever you are and whatever your expectations, take living to the next level with help from Quintessentially People. 

Benefits of Hiring a Lifestyle Manager

  • Assists with day-to-day requirements and demands
  • Arranges travel and reservations for holidays, social activities, restaurants, & more
  • Assures you have access to all of the latest trends
  • Finds resources to help you meet your social goals
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you live

Contact us to find a Lifestyle Manager to help you take living to the next level.

Lifestyle Manager Job Responsibilities

A lifestyle manager can work either directly for an individual or family, or for a luxury concierge company. A lifestyle manager assists the principal with everyday requirements and demands, and the duties depend on the principal’s lifestyle. A lifestyle manager’s duties often include arranging travel and luxury holidays, coordinating social activities, diary management, restaurant bookings, organizing events, personal shopping, booking appointments and running errands.

Quintessentially People can help you find a lifestyle manager who:

  • Anticipates your needs in advance, and has the knowledge and access to achieve your goals. Whether you want to dine at the hottest new restaurant in Cannes or you want tickets to the World Cup finals, your lifestyle manager will make it happen.

  • Stays abreast of the hottest trends. Your lifestyle manager will assure you have access to the best of whatever you want, wherever you want. From the latest fashions to the hottest destinations to award-winning shows and more, you’ll become accustomed to staying on the cutting edge of your favorite trends.

  • Understands your goals. Whether you prefer a low key but still luxurious lifestyle or you love the energy of the jet set, your lifestyle manager will make your goals his or her own — and will have the resources to get your there.

  • Takes care of your needs, big and small. From planning a months-long vacation to suggesting a standing appointment at the best spa in your hometown to managing your calendar, your lifestyle manager will see to it that your needs are addressed — every day.

Hire a Lifestyle Manager

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