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Office Manager Recruitment

Our talented pool of candidates includes office managers with experience working for well-known and executives who expect and deserve outstanding performance. Get in touch with us to find your next office manager, and assure your operations run smoothly.

Benefits of Hiring an Office Manager 

  • Hires, trains, and supervises staff
  • Develops office policies to ensure office runs efficiently
  • Oversees and manages office budgets to meet financial goals
  • Keeps office organized and well-stocked
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you conduct business

Contact us to find the perfect Office Manager for your needs.

Office Manager Job Responsibilities

An office manager can perform very diverse duties depending upon the organization in which they work. Office Managers are present within most organizations and oversee all managerial tasks for the office. They are often responsible for a broad range of duties, including hiring, training and supervising staff, creating and implementing office policies, liaising with various internal and external departments, administrative tasks, and overseeing office budgets, maintenance and supplies. An office manager liaises with all members of staff to ensure that the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

Quintessentially People will recruit an office manager who:

  • Demonstrates relevant experience, education and training, with an employment history that includes defining office policies and procedures, budget management and excellent references.

  • Demonstrates desirable attributes, including excellent written and verbal communication skills, a detail-oriented nature, organizational skills, common sense, discretion, judgment and a team-oriented attitude.

  • Manages processes and supervises others effectively, with prompt follow-up skills.

  • Meets financial goals by anticipating expenditures, establishing and following a budget, forecasting actuals and performing variance analyses when necessary.

  • Builds an effective back office team by selecting and training new employees, and disciplining them when necessary.

Hire an Office Manager

When you choose Quintessentially People, you’ll work with an international recruitment agency with access to the most desired candidates in the field. We’ve sourced professionals for businesses and individuals that include top executives, politicians, royalty, celebrities and others in demand. We will listen carefully to your goals, and furnish you only with the applicants who meet your precise specifications.

Quintessentially People fully screens and vets our office managers before representation, assuring you won’t suffer surprises later on. If you are not satisfied with your office manager within 12 weeks, Quintessentially People will replace your hire at no cost to you.

Quintessentially People operates offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma. Contact the office that’s closest to you for more information about recruiting an office manager.

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