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Team Assitant Recruiting

You’ll gain access to a talent pool of professionals that includes polished, poised and flexible assistants who are accustomed to working for high-performing individuals across diverse industries. Keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently with a smart team assistant from Quintessentially People, the leading international recruitment agency in the world.

Benefits of Hiring a Team Assistant

  • Supports administrative duties like assisting with projects
  • Organizes and participates in meetings
  • Manages databases, data entry, correspondence, and minutes
  • Carries out office management needs like ordering supplies or maintaining schedules
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you conduct business

Contact us to find a Team Assistant to keep your operations running smoothly.

Team Assistant Job Responsibilities

A team assistant is responsible for supporting a team of individuals to ensure they are working efficiently and have optimum performance. A team assistant role can vary considerably depending on the organization they are employed by and also the team that they support. A team assistant can support in terms of administration duties, assisting in projects, conducting research and preparing documents, managing communication, organizing and participating in meetings, taking minutes, managing databases and data entry. Team assistants usually report to the team leader, however offer support to the entire team.

Quintessentially People will recruit the team assistant candidates who demonstrates:

  • Personality traits that lead to success in the role. The best assistants immerse themselves in a group’s activities and anticipate ways in which they can provide support. Your team assistant will be resourceful, courteous, poised, discreet and organized. Common sense and a team-oriented attitude are essential.

  • Excellent office management skills. Your team assistant will manage correspondence, take and relay accurate messages, coordinate travel, keep track of expenses and submit for reimbursement, manage multiple calendars, maintain excellent records, field calls and requests for information, welcome guests and clients professionally, and have sound computer skills. 

  • Anticipatory behavior and a problem-solving attitude. Your team assistant will anticipate outcomes and potential problems and devise solutions that forward the goals of your group. There is no task too small for the team assistant, whether that’s ordering supplies, scheduling maintenance, addressing scheduling problems or resolving disputes.

Hire a Team Assistant

Help your team members focus on their jobs and hire an assistant who can take care of the details of work for you. No matter where you work in the world, Quintessentially People can source the forward-thinking, common-sense talent your organization needs to thrive. Get in touch with us, and we will listen carefully to your needs. If you aren’t happy with your assistant within 12 weeks, we’ll replace your hire at no cost to you.

Quintessentially People maintains offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma and hires worldwide. Contact the office closest to you for more information.

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