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Traveling Personal Assistant

Traveling Personal Assistant Recruitment

If you need a full-time Personal Assistant who will be available 24/7 and is willing to travel, Quintessentially People can help. We recruit high-performing Traveling Personal Assistants (PA) who understand and anticipate the needs of in-demand individuals — and who have the flexibility and expertise to accommodate.

Hire a Traveling Personal Assistant Traveling PAs undertake all the duties and responsibilities of a traditional PA, but they are continuously traveling, mainly internationally, with their principals. Traveling PAs do not have a work base and instead work on the move, traveling to numerous countries between their principal’s properties, traveling with their PAs while they are on tour or accompanying their principals on international business relations. Traveling PAs are required to be utterly flexible, extremely discreet and supremely organized. 

Benefits of Hiring a Traveling Personal Assistant

  • Maintains all responsibilities of a personal assistant
  • Travel between properties to maintain international business relations
  • Maintain flexibility while remaining organized and discreet
  • Anticipate needs and take initiative to solve problems before they start
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you conduct business

Call your regional office or fill out our contact form to find the perfect Traveling Personal Assistant.

Quintessentially People will help you hire a Traveling PA who will:

  • Anticipate needs and take the initiative. When you need a Traveling PA who can work independently to address your needs, call Quintessentially People. We specialize in recruiting Traveling PAs who have mastered the art of immersing themselves into their principals’ lives, demonstrating the uncanny ability to solve problems before they start.

  • Demonstrate outstanding communication and time management skills. Your Traveling Personal Assistant will act as your diplomat, handling your correspondence, calendar and meetings with skill and expertise. Your Traveling PA will also arrange your travel and accommodations, manage competing schedules and priorities, prepare international homes for your arrival and coordinate with other staff members to assure your complete needs are met at all times.

  • Address complex and mundane tasks with enthusiasm and skill. From running errands to managing difficult situations, your Traveling Personal Assistant will be there to smooth your path.

  • Demonstrate common sense and discretion at all times. Maintaining confidentiality while always putting your needs first are two of the skills you can expect when you choose a Traveling PA from Quintessentially People.

Why Quintessentially People?

You can trust Quintessentially People to give you access to the Traveling PAs who work at the top of the profession. We screen every candidate carefully, checking their references and backgrounds to meet stringent standards. If you are not satisfied with your new Traveling PA within 12 weeks, we will replace your recruit with a new hire at no charge.

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Quintessentially People sources the best Traveling PAs for individuals and families around the world.

Quintessentially People operates offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma. Contact the office closest to your home to hire the Traveling PA who is right for you.

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