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PA & Administrative Support Staff

Personal Assistant Staffing

The roster of candidates in this division at Quintessentially People are unparalleled. Our Personal Assistant and Administrative Support division recruits individuals with experience working for clients whose personal and professional lives require complex coordination abilities. The roles we fill include:

  • Personal Assistant/Traveling Personal Assistant. The PA may work alone or as part of a team and is often available on a 24/7 basis. Responsibilities include managing household staff, administrating the needs of multiple international residences, scheduling, arranging travel itineraries, overseeing finances, running errands and coordinating children’s activities and other family needs. The traveling personal assistant performs these duties while accompanying the principal during travel. Discretion, resourcefulness, flexibility, initiative and forward thinking are essential skills of the PA.

  • Business Assistant. The BA provides organizational and administrative support within the principal’s workplace. In-depth knowledge of the business’s current activities and the preferences and needs of the executive is essential. Coordinating travel, screening phone calls and visitors, managing the calendar, taking minutes, organizing documents and assuring preparation are the basic responsibilities. Confidentiality and discretion are a must.

  • Executive Assistant. The EA provides top-level support for executive staff and contributes guidance through challenging decision-making processes. In some cases, the EA will act as a deputy when the executive is absent. Responsibilities may include meeting with clients, attending meetings in the executive’s stead and handling correspondence.

  • Lifestyle Manager. The lifestyle manager acts as a personal concierge. Responsibilities include planning and booking luxury travel, coordinating the family’s social calendar, sourcing and reserving space at preferred restaurants, planning events, providing personal shopping services, scheduling appointments and running errands.

  • Team Assistant. A TA works as part of a group that provides support to the principal for various administrative duties. These duties may include taking minutes, data entry, conducting research, document preparation, communications, organizing and managing databases.

Office Support and Administration Staffing

Quintessentially People can help you hire administrative support staff for your family office or business. The roles we fill include:

  • Receptionist. The receptionist makes the first impression, and it’s essential that these tasks are handled appropriately. In addition to greeting visitors, the receptionist is responsible for screening calls, taking and reporting accurate messages, performing ad hoc administrative duties and maintaining an organized and tidy reception area.

  • Office Manager. The office manager is the lead administrator and responsible for hiring, training and supervising administrative staff members. Additional responsibilities may include overseeing budgets, assuring suitable maintenance and repairs take place, conducting inventories, ordering supplies, and creating and implementing office policies.

  • Administrative Assistant/Secretary. The administrative assistant manages clerical tasks for one executive or a team of executives. The AA/secretary demonstrates outstanding organizational skills and the ability to anticipate needs. The AA/secretary ensures that the executives are fully briefed and prepared for meetings and other important events. Correspondence, file management, taking and reporting accurate messages promptly, data entry and greeting guests are additional responsibilities.

  • Legal Assistant. The legal assistant performs many of the same tasks as the AA/secretary but in a law office setting. The responsibilities of this specialized role include overseeing important documents proofreading, keeping accurate cost records, and attending police stations and courts with the attorney.

Administrative Staff Recruited Specifically for You

Quintessentially People provides administrative support to businesses and families throughout the world.

You’ll gain access to pre-screened office support staff who have worked for a mix of multinational businesses, individuals, and families nationally and internationally. No matter where you are, or how specific your needs, get in touch with us. We can help!

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