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Hiring Sales and Marketing Staff With Quintessentially People

If your business needs access to a talented pool of sales and marketing professionals, contact Quintessentially People.

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Benefits of Hiring Sales & Marketing Staff With Quintessentially People

  • Promotes your brand to help business flourish
  • Develops competitive strategies to drive revenue
  • Motivates a team of sales executives to go above and beyond meeting quotas
  • Find new audiences and mediums to grow your brand
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you conduct business

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Sales and Marketing Executive Recruitment

Your sales and marketing team is the face of your brand, and their expertise will help your business flourish. When you’re ready to turn your ambitions into reality, get in touch with Quintessentially People — and hire the professionals who will bring your business to the next level.

When you choose Quintessentially People, you’ll partner with a renowned staffing agency who will listen to your precise needs and present only the candidates who will help you achieve your business’s objectives. We source high-performing sales and marketing executives who demonstrate the passion, drive and energy to succeed in the world’s most competitive and demanding industries. Our talent pool includes experienced, expertly trained professionals with unsurpassed reputations for excellence.

Sales Director Recruitment

The sales director brings an outstanding track record for revenue growth and excellent people skills to your business. You’ll also want a manager with an eye for strategy and opportunity, and the skills to take action and achieve targets. The sales director should also demonstrate an ability to lead and motivate a team of sales executives to reach their individual quotas, acquire in-depth product knowledge, and liaise smoothly between your business’s clients and senior management. A sales director should also exhibit excellent negotiation skills, patience and tact, while representing your business with a professional, reliable and knowledgeable demeanor.

The responsibilities of the sales director include:

  • Meeting, and preferably exceeding, sales goals. This may include personal sales targets and group sales targets if the director is leading a team of account executives.

  • Building excellent relationships with clients while representing your business with professionalism. Your sales director should project trustworthiness and reliability while sharing in-depth product knowledge.

  • Working with senior management and clients to assure goals will be met. The sales director must balance the requirements of your business with the needs and satisfaction of your clients.

  • Developing clear yet detailed sales proposals that demonstrate the value proposition for your clients.

  • Keeping up with industry needs and trends that may affect the direction of your business.

  • Achieve goals while staying on or under budget.

Marketing Director Recruitment

The marketing director creates and implements the branding strategy that becomes the public face of your business. The successful candidate should bring several years of marketing experience to the role, including cross-functional expertise in areas such as advertising, public relations, market research, planning or production. The director should also have experience leading a team of marketing professionals in one or more of these areas. You should expect your marketing director to have a clear, in-depth understanding of your products and services, and be able to disseminate your business’s value proposition across diverse mediums. A feel for strategy and opportunity is also essential.

The responsibilities of the marketing director include:

  • Communicating your business’s products and services through a broad range of methods, such as advertising, events, content marketing, brochures, email and social media campaigns, presentations and other suitable ways

  • Devising innovative strategies that share your value proposition in an engaging and informative way

  • Suggesting new audiences and mediums where you can grow your brand

  • Building and leading a capable team of marketing professionals who collaborate to meet your goals

  • Understanding and surfacing important industry trends that affect your business’s branding strategy 

  • Increasing sales while staying on budget

Marketing Executive Recruitment

Quintessentially People recruits the marketing industry’s leading professionals for prestigious roles around the world. If you need a results-oriented leader to direct advertising, events, distribution, planning, product development, public relations, research or sponsorship, get in touch with us. We can source top-level professionals who can direct your business’s global marketing efforts or secure the candidates who are experts in one particular subcategory. You’ll gain access to only the candidates who fulfill your precise requirements. No matter where you are in the world, Quintessentially People can help you move your enterprise forward.

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