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Quintessentially People gives you access to the most talented executives in the world. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve — contact us and discover the Quintessentially People difference.

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Benefits of Hiring Executives With Quintessentially People

  • Manages day-to-day operations, policies, and procedures
  • Strengthens business strategy to work toward goals
  • Provides oversight of financial systems
  • Identifies organization concerns like staffing needs
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you conduct business

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CEO Staffing and Recruitment

A competent chief executive manages day-to-day operations effectively and directs the enterprise toward its business goals. A visionary CEO establishes a culture of innovation while strengthening the business’s strategy and setting continuously higher ambitions. Quintessentially People will present CEO candidates that manage resources appropriately and make smart decisions. But we’ll also give you access to the professionals who have earned a sterling reputation for leadership, culture-building and delivering on promises. Our contacts all over the globe make it possible for us to recruit candidates who will listen to your needs and help you achieve your precise objectives.

COO Recruitment

The Chief Operating Officer establishes, modifies and directs an organization’s policies and procedures with the goal of achieving strategic initiatives. The COO positions the organization for future growth, leads it through periods of change and works as part of the senior management team to manage resources appropriately. Quintessentially People can help your business find the ideal COO from a pool of highly qualified candidates that meet your specific needs. You’ll gain access to professionals with experience at some of the world’s most respected and well known organizations, no matter where your business is located.

Managing Director Recruitment

When you need a senior manager to lead the activities of a specific department or division, Quintessentially People can help. We have access to a talented and experienced pool of managing director candidates from around the world who can train and guide your employees while growing your brand. The MD also provides oversight of administrative and financial systems and budgets, identifies staffing needs, manages workflow processes and drives key strategic initiatives within the department. From financial services to nonprofits, Quintessentially People will recruit the professionals with the skills, education, training and experience necessary to lead your team effectively.

Family Office Director Recruitment

Ultra-high net worth investors often prefer to manage their finances through the services of a family office. Whether you are creating a standalone family office to preserve and grow your private resources or you manage a family office firm that handles the finances of multiple wealthy individuals, Quintessentially People can help you recruit a family office director that meets your specific needs. We have access to the world’s leading private wealth managers with ultra-high net worth experience. Your family office director can help your family or your business protect your resources and reach your goals, whether those include wealth preservation, philanthropy, investment or education. Contact Quintessentially People about recruiting your next director from our qualified network of candidates.

Property Manager Recruitment

In-demand individuals rarely have the time to address the maintenance, repairs and upgrades required for large homes and estates. Quintessentially People gives you access to professional property managers with experience directing the maintenance and needs of the world’s most elegant estates. We recruit candidates who have worked for royalty, celebrities, politicians, executives and other high-performing individuals, many of whom own multiple properties all over the world. If you need a property manager who anticipates needs, directs staff, has relationships with expert service providers and is willing to travel, contact Quintessentially People.

Hire a Business Advisor

At Quintessentially People, we understand how working with an advisor can relieve the stress of strategic decision-making. If your business, family or enterprise needs a business advisor who has experience, training and the right contacts, Quintessentially People will bring you the business advisor candidates who will help you further your goals. We source business advisors across numerous industries and all locations. Work with an advisor who can help you decide when and where to expand, or how to pull back. Gather intelligence on an industry you’re considering entering for the first time. Get advice on a merger, acquisition or sale. It’s all possible when you choose Quintessentially People.

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