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When you look for nanny teachers for hire, it can be an overwhelming experience. While you may know the exact qualifications you want a nanny teacher to have, finding one who has that knowledge base and skill set can still be difficult. As an international recruitment agency for nanny teachers, we streamline the process of finding and hiring a nanny teacher for eager parents throughout the world.

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny Teacher:

  • Takes care of most childcare-related tasks
  • Cleaning and organization of play areas as well as laundry
  • Transportation for child or childrne to scheduled activities
  • Emphasis on education for your child or children
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you live

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What Is a Nanny Teacher?

A nanny teacher is basically the same as a governess. Whereas a typical part- or full-time nanny focuses on providing childcare services, a nanny teacher focuses their efforts on educating your children. Of course, a nanny teacher will still make sure your children are safe, secure and healthy as they teach them their daily lessons just like any responsible childcare provider would.

A nanny teacher will provide lessons for your children, monitor their ability to grasp the material presented and identify areas in which your kids excel and subjects they may need help with. A nanny teacher will keep you informed about your children’s progress and let you know about the new skills your kids develop.

Nanny Teacher Certifications and Degrees

In general, a nanny teacher will have at least a college degree that demonstrates their command of many subjects. Typical subjects that nanny teachers often provide instruction in include math, science, social sciences, writing, history, geography and the arts. If other subjects are important to you, such as learning a language, economics, marketing or business finance, we can help you hire a nanny teacher who has the requisite education and work experience to teach your children about those topics.

A nanny teacher usually has experience educating children in a classroom environment, a private setting or both as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills. They also have the patience to teach children with special needs and learning difficulties and the creativity to prevent advanced students or kids with special talents from becoming bored with their schoolwork.

Hire a Nanny Teacher

Hiring a nanny teacher is one of the best investments you can make in your children’s education as well as their future. To find the person who can set your children up for success during their school-age years and beyond, contact us today.

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