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Full-Time Nanny

Full-Time Nannies for Hire

When you contact Quintessentially People, finding full-time nannies for hire becomes simple instead of a time-consuming chore. We have a pool of highly-trained, exceptionally skilled full-time nannies ready to work around the world. Whether you want a daily nanny or a live-in childcare expert, we’ll fulfill your staffing needs and take the pressure off you.

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Time Nanny:

  • Takes care of most childcare-related tasks
  • Cleaning and organization of play areas as well as laundry
  • Transportation for child to scheduled activities
  • Help with homework and supervising downtime
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you live

Contact Quintessentially People to find a full-time nanny for your family.

Full-Time Daily Nannies for Hire

Full-time daily nannies are fantastic for parents who want to hire a childcare provider without having to designate space in their homes for their nanny to live in. A full-time daily nanny is there when you need them the most — during daylight hours when you’re at work or your attention is spread too thin to give your kids the care they require.

A full-time daily nanny can help you create time in a schedule that barely allows you to take a breath. Full-time daily nannies can get your kids to and from school, help with homework, prepare meals, do your children’s laundry and run errands for your children’s benefit. They can also transport your kids to their extracurricular activities, supervise their playdates and keep your nursery clean and organized.

Full-Time Live-In Nannies for Hire

Like daily nannies, full-time live-in nannies perform many duties that will make your life less hectic and keep your children safe, healthy, active and engaged with the world around them. While daily and live-in nannies do many of the same things, a childcare provider who lives in your home is often available at times when a daily nanny isn’t around to lend a hand.

If you have a young child who still isn’t sleeping through the night or a child with special needs who requires care around the clock, you may want to hire a full-time live-in nanny. Full-time live-in nannies can work overnight when necessary, and they’re typically able to handle 24-hour shifts as needed. A live-in nanny’s availability and constant presence in your home make transitioning a newborn to sleeping through the night and providing the constant care that a child with special needs may require less stressful for you as well as your little one.

Hire a Full-Time Nanny

If you want to hire a full-time nanny, we can help. We have a long roster of full-time daily and live-in nannies who are ready to work in your home. We fully vet our recruits and only present you with candidates who meet your strict criteria for in-home childcare. To find a full-time nanny for your children, contact Quintessentially People today.

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