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We’re a Chiltern nanny agency that happily places Chiltern nannies with families located throughout the world. We have an extensive roster of both new and past graduates of Chiltern College, which ensures we have a highly-qualified nanny with the level of experience you’re looking for.

Benefits of Hiring a Chiltern Nanny:

  • Takes care of most childcare-related tasks
  • Cleaning and organization of play areas as well as laundry
  • Transportation for child to scheduled activities
  • Help with homework and supervising downtime
  • Chiltern Nanny Certification
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you live

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Qualified Chiltern Nannies

To become a qualified Chiltern nanny, a person must study full-time at Chiltern College for two years and earn The Chiltern College Nanny and Childcare Award. This coveted award recognizes a student for completing a prolonged, intense course of study in childcare.

As they pursue The Chiltern College Nanny and Childcare Award, aspiring nannies fulfill challenging work placements, which require them to demonstrate their expert command of a wide array of childcare skills. It’s important to note that the prerequisites to earning the award greatly exceed the requirements that are necessary to earn the Cache Level 3 Diploma.

While work placements and acquiring practical skills are important, the program at Chiltern College goes even further. Enrollees in this prestigious program also learn the creative skills that will help them succeed as sought-after childcare providers.

Chiltern Nanny Certification

As a Chiltern nanny agency, we can tell you that Chiltern nannies receive some of the best, most well-rounded training available anywhere in the world. Students become familiar with nutritional standards and learn how to cook for and with children, including kids who have restricted diets.

Additionally, Chiltern nannies receive training in swimming and singing with children, Makaton practices and baby massage as well as yoga. They also know how to work with children using materials such as textiles and wood. Certified courses discussing first aid, food safety and safeguarding are also part of a nanny’s educational experience at Chiltern College.

When Chiltern nannies complete their studies at their alma mater, they’re ready to put their lessons to work in the “real world” — and we have access to the nannies who will do just that as they care for your children.

Hire a Chiltern Nanny

If you’re ready to hire a Chiltern nanny, all you have to do is contact us. We’ll find you the candidate who will thrive in your home while providing childcare that exceeds your expectations at every turn.

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