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Professional Governess Recruitment

When your expectations for your children include an in-home education that meet your stringent standards for quality, contact us to place an ad or to discuss your expectations for your next Governess.

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Quintessentially People operates offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma. Contact the office closest to your home to hire the Governess who meets your specific needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Governess

  • Focuses on the educational needs of your children
  • Monitors progress & provides feedback as children are developing new skills
  • Identifies educational strengths & weakness for further improvement
  • Specializes in all areas of all core educational subjects
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you live

Call or fill out our contact form to find a Governess who meets your needs.

Hire a Governess

No matter where you live or what your needs, Quintessentially People will source a Governess who meets your precise qualifications. Rather than meeting basic caregiving needs, your Governess will focus on all areas of education, including math, language and writing, history, sciences, geography, the arts and other subjects that are important to you. Your Governess will monitor progress, provide feedback, keep you apprised of developing skills, and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Quintessentially People will recruit a Governess who will:

  • Demonstrate the educational and professional background of a qualified candidate. Your Governess will have experience teaching children in a classroom or private setting.
  • Pass a thorough background check. Quintessentially People screens every candidate prior to representation, including references, qualifications and criminal background. We will only present the candidates who pass our check and who meet your precise needs.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills and a patient nature. A qualified Governess will communicate effectively and correctly in person and in writing. Your Governess will also demonstrate patience and the ability to work with your child’s specific needs. Quintessentially People sources governesses for children with special gifts and special needs as well.

Why Quintessentially People?

Quintessentially People gives you access to an incredibly talented pool of international candidates. If your Governess does not meet your expectations within the first 12 weeks, we will recruit another qualified candidate at no charge to you.

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