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Baby Nurse - Live In/Live Out

Private Baby Nurse and Newborn Care Specialist Staffing

Whether you prefer a live-out or live-in baby nurse, our staffing agency will recruit the candidates who meet your exact specifications — no matter where you live or what your lifestyle may be. Make the earliest months of your new baby’s life one that you remember fondly with help from Quintessentially People. 

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Quintessentially People recruits qualified Baby Nurse candidates for families around the world. We are ready to help your family find the caregiver who meets your specific needs.

Quintessentially People operates offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Palma. Contact the office closest to your home to source the Baby Nurse who’s right for you. 

Benefits of Hiring a Baby Nurse

  • Assists in the first weeks of your infants life with day-to-day care
  • Ability to recognize common ailments
  • Develops a nightime routine that supports sleeping through the night
  • Training for parents when you no longer need full assistance
  • Quintessentially People can recruit for you no matter where you live

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Hire a Private Baby Nurse

A Baby Nurse is an experienced trained infant/newborn specialist who comes into your home in the first weeks of your infant’s life to assist with day-to-day care. The Baby Nurse helps the family with all aspects of infant care, including feedings, washing clothes and keeping the nursery clean. This temporary assignment typically ranges between two to eight weeks — and longer for preemies and special needs infants. The Baby Nurse generally works 12-to-24 hour shifts for two weeks and up to three months. Before your due date, your Baby Nurse will be in constant contact with you, monitoring your progress and discussing your individualized needs.

A qualified Baby Nurse will:

  • Have specialized training or years of experience working with newborn infants. Some may also have earned RN or LPN certifications. Your Baby Nurse will be able to recognize common ailments such as jaundice or reflux, suggest solutions or recommend further medical follow-up.

  • Demonstrate the ability to put your baby on a regular sleeping schedule. As your family adjusts to the care demands of a newborn baby, your Baby Nurse will develop a nighttime routine that hastens the transition into sleeping through the night. More restful nights of sleep allow a recovering mother to recover from childbirth faster.

  • Provide relief from colicky or fussy periods. Your Baby Nurse will use special techniques to ease discomfort and induce calm.

  • Provide as much or as little support as your family needs. Depending on your preferences, your Baby Nurse can handle all aspects of infant care — or simply a selected few tasks. Your nurse can train you on best practices and disappear when you’d like family time. He or she can also be a source of comfort when you need.

Why Quintessentially People?

Quintessentially People specializes in the recruitment of industry-leading talent. We fully screen candidates and run thorough background checks so you can rest assured you’ll have access to the candidates who demonstrate the experience, discretion and trustworthiness you expect in a Baby Nurse.

Many of the candidates in our talent pool have worked for royalty, celebrities, executives and other high-performing individuals. Should your candidate fail to meet your expectations, we’ll replace your Baby Nurse within 12 weeks at no expense to you.

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