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Childcare Staffing

There are few roles in household service more important than that of an experienced, loving nanny. The competent childcare provider seamlessly integrates into a busy family, effortlessly providing necessary supportive care. An experienced childcare provider does more than feed, bathe and soothe young children. The right nanny for your family is loving, trustworthy, reliable and able to anticipate your needs. Finding a qualified candidate who exemplifies these traits is difficult, unless you partner with Quintessentially People.

Newborn Childcare Staffing

You’ve likely spent months waiting in anticipation to bring your baby home, yet the first weeks of parenthood can be as overwhelming and exhausting as they are wondrous and exciting. After all, the challenges of parenting a newborn are considerable, even for experienced caregivers — especially when you consider the sleep deprivation and physical discomfort felt by many new parents. A doula or baby nurse can provide you with the comfort, advocacy, and advice you need to feel confident in your role as a newborn parent, which makes everyone in your family more at ease.

At Quintessentially People, we recruit experienced newborn childcare providers who can fulfill the roles of:

  • Doula. Although hiring a doula is a hot trend among many expecting parents, the “women’s servant” has helped mothers before, during and after childbirth for centuries. Also known as a labor companion or birth assistant, many expecting families choose a doula months before birth. She helps the family create a birth plan, answer questions, relieve fears and teach beneficial relaxation techniques for childbirth. The doula’s purpose is to create a safe and positive pregnancy and delivery experience, regardless of the type of birth.

  • Baby Nurse / Maternity Nurse. The baby nurse is a specially trained professional who specializes in all aspects of newborn care. Quintessentially People can supply qualified baby nurse candidates who can work for a few days, several weeks or longer, including full-time professionals willing to work overnight or 24-hour shifts. Please note that the baby nurse only cares for the infant and the infant’s direct needs, such as laundry, sanitizing supplies and nursery maintenance.

Governess and Nanny Staffing

A governess or nanny supports the needs of parents. These roles can vary significantly from household to household. A governess who works for may be expected to live in the child’s home, travel internationally, provide an education and 24-hour care. In other cases, a childcare provider may serve on a part-time, live-out or temporary basis. Regardless of your family’s needs, Quintessentially People can source a nanny or governess that suits your exact needs.

Quintessentially People recruits for the role of:

  • Governess. The governess offers high-profile families a greater degree of flexibility, a personalized education, outstanding security and on-demand childcare for older children. Quintessentially People sources experienced and discreet candidates, including Norland-trained governesses, for many high-profile families around the world. Regardless of your location, you’ll be delighted at the quality of the candidates Quintessentially People proposes for your consideration.

  • Nanny. Quintessentially People specializes in the placement of nannies of all backgrounds, including those trained at  Norland College and  Chiltern College , considered by many the premier childcare institute in the world. The nannies we recruit have outstanding practical experience and demonstrate caring, sound judgment, discretion, trustworthiness and practical life skills.

    Quintessentially People recruits nannies for families with a variety of different backgrounds or needs. Here are just a few of those more specified nanny positions that we can recruit for you:

Employing Nannies in the UK

Did you know that if you employ a nanny in the UK you have the same legal responsibilities as a commercial employer? That means you must operate a PAYE scheme and pay Tax and National Insurance on their behalf. Nannytax has been supporting domestic employers for over 20 years and is the original and leading payroll support service for employers in the home. For a fixed fee of £276.00 (including VAT) per annum, Nannytax provides unlimited advice and support on all pay and employment related issues. For more information on using Nannytax, please click here.

Hiring Private Childcare Staff

When your family needs experienced, loving and patient childcare for the youngest members in your home, get in touch with Quintessentially People. We are the childcare staffing agency that gives you access to a broad range of pre-screened childcare professionals available for placement anywhere in the world. Hire a part-time, live-out nanny, recruit your next Norland-trained nanny for full-time, 24-7 work, or hire a baby nurse or doula to help your family adjust to your new arrival.

Quintessentially People will listen carefully to your needs and only provide candidates who meet your requirements and pass our rigorous screening process. Trust Quintessentially People to recruit your next childcare professional, no matter where you are in the world.

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