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January 4th, 2016

Trainer Tips for a Celebrity Body

We all envy celebrities and their well-maintained, well-exercised bodies, and we know they work hard to stay looking great all the time. With a bevy of personal trainers, dieticians, and nutritionists, and access to all the best facilities, it’s easy to assume that the stars have a head start on the rest of us. Actually, all you need is the right approach, and the willingness to put some effort in, and you could be looking just as good as they do.

Starting a new regime

If you’re thinking of changing the way you eat, or the way you exercise – or both – you should always consult a professional first. This ensures that you are making the changes safely and healthily and with the right advice. If you already have a personal trainer, talk to them about what you want to achieve and how you might want to change your approach. If you head to the gym, but don’t have any specific training advice, talk to someone there about how to put a programme together that will work for you.

Diet, diet, diet

This isn’t about dieting – it’s about changing and improving your eating habits. Top personal trainers always look and diet and exercise together. Their rule is that you simply won’t get the body you want without making sure you’re putting the very best things into it to begin with. Dietary advice might take the form of a personal food plan, or it might involve working with a professional who will go through your kitchen and remove all the things that are known to cause trouble – processed foods, white bread, rice and pasta, and anything else containing refined sugars. Replace these with natural, raw, healthier foods and you are already on the way to a better body.

The right exercises

In order to achieve the best results, you need to work with a personal trainer. That’s because they understand how to tailor an exercise programme that takes into account your current strengths and weaknesses, and any physical issues you have. They will also be able to structure something that fits into your schedule. A good all-round exercise plan uses both cardio and resistance work to burn fat and build muscle. You’ll need to work all areas of your body to achieve the celebrity look, and you’ll need to commit to doing the amount of exercise and regular workout sessions that your trainer recommends.

A quick fix?

Celebrities – particularly actors – often have to work quickly to get into shape for a particular role. They use trainers that understand how to make a real difference in a short amount of time. Whilst you might want to adopt this approach so that you lose a few extra pounds ahead of a big event, or to make sure you’re happy with your beach body, you really need to adopt a daily routine that keeps your body healthy inside and out. That way, you’ll always look and feel fantastic – and that’s the best possible way to live a healthy life.

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