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Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean, Central America & South America

June 22nd, 2017

The Best Beaches in the Caribbean, Central America & South America

If you’ve been researching vacation destinations, you’ve probably come across plenty of lists that discuss the top 5 beaches in the Caribbean or even the top 10 beaches in the Caribbean. It’s also likely that you’ve seen articles that claim to have identified the top 10 beaches in Central America or the top 10 beaches in South America. You may have even poured through blog posts that attempt to answer one of the following questions:

  • What are the best beaches in the Caribbean?
  • Where are the best beaches in the Caribbean?
While all of that material probably made for a fascinating and educational reading session, we’ve done something a little different. We’ve combined the best beaches in South America, the best beaches in Central America and the best beaches in the Caribbean into one list of the top 10 beaches you should visit during your next vacation.

Top 10 beaches in the Caribbean, South America & Central America

Ready to get a little sand between your toes? Here are the top 10 beaches you should visit in the Caribbean, South America and Central America:
  • Coson Beach
  • Langosta Beach
  • Cariló
  • Brava Beach
  • Otto Beach
  • Playa Maderas
  • Playa Blanca
  • Anakena Beach
  • Baía do Sancho
  • Máncora Beach

1. Coson Beach

Located in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, Coson Beach, is littered with tilting palm trees that look like they’ve been painted on the soothing sand. Because Las Terrenas is evolving into a hotspot for vacation homes, the former fishing village is quickly becoming known as the Caribbean’s version of San Tropez.

The Villa del Mar enjoys a prime location on Coson Beach. Given the beach’s breathtaking views, it’s easy to understand why the Villa del Mar is located where it is.

2. Langosta Beach

Langosta Beach is located in Guancaste, Costa Rica. A haven for surfers, nature enthusiasts and water sports lovers, Langosta Beach rests just down the sand from the busy town of Tamarindo. Surfers get a rush from the right and left point breaks that come off of the river’s mouth, while sunbathers enjoy the beach’s wide stretch of sand.

If you need a break from the beach, you can take a boat ride to see howler monkeys in the area’s dense forest.

3. Cariló

Cariló, Argentina made this list of the best beaches in the Caribbean, South America and Central America because it boasts lush forests and dense grasses that extend right up to the beachline.

Cariló is basically Argentina’s equivalent of America’s Hamptons, which makes it a must-see for beach lovers everywhere.

4. Brava Beach

Located in José Ignacio, Uruguay, Brava Beach is a 40-minute drive from Punta del Este’s city proper. The beach is worth the time it takes to get there, though. Brava Beach is the most scenic spot you’ll find around Punta del Este.

Brava Beach is surrounded by attractions such as art galleries and boutiques, so you won’t be at a loss for something to do if the weather temporarily prevents you from enjoying the beach.

5. Otto Beach

Otto Beach is where the Caribbean’s waters catch up with gorgeous white sand and plenty of palm trees. It’s the best place to relax on Nicaragua’s Little Corn Island.

You have to walk a little bit to reach Otto Beach from town, but the reward you’ll reap as you take in the scenery and unwind on the sand make Otto Beach more than worth the effort.

6. Playa Maderas

Located in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, Playa Maderas has something for everyone. The beach is renowned for surfing, but it’s also a great place to relax and bath in the sun.

If you’re looking for a workout, you can walk along the beach and climb over rocks for hours on end when you visit this stunning beach.

7. Playa Blanca

Not everyone is a fan of Cartagena’s beaches because their sand is often dark and pebbly, but Playa Blanca makes Cartagena de las Indias, Colombia a must-see vacation destination.

Playa Blanca features white, sandy beaches, some of the clearest blue water you’ll ever see and, most importantly, serenity.

8. Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach is one of only two sandy beaches located on Chile’s Easter Island. This makes Anakena Beach popular with locals and tourists alike.

You won’t just enjoy unforgettable views at Anakena Beach. You’ll also get a glimpse of its steep history thanks to the giant figurines that the native Rapa Nui inhabitants carved on the beach.

9. Baía do Sancho

Located in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, Baía do Sancho was named the best beach in the world by TripAdvisor as part of its Travelers’ Choice Awards. From its sparkly white sand, to its greenish-blue water, to its 150 feet of visibility and resident sea turtles, there’s plenty to love about Baía do Sancho.

The beach is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, which means the government only lets a designated number of people on the beach every day. So, make sure you plan accordingly when you visit Baía do Sancho.

10. Máncora Beach

Máncora Beach used to be a lazy fishing village, but it has blossomed into Peru’s signature destination for beachgoers. This beach is a big draw for surfers whose relaxed nature blends nicely with the beach’s nightlife.

Now that you’re familiar with the best beaches in the Caribbean, South America and Central America, which one do you want to visit the most?