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Top 10 Beaches in Europe

June 15th, 2017

What Are the Best Beaches in Europe?

From the best beaches in eastern Europe to the best beaches in western Europe and beyond, here are the beaches to make sure you visit:
  • Cale Goloritzé
  • Cala Macarella
  • Shipwreck Beach
  • Virgin Island’s Creek
  • Vik Black Sand Beach
  • Zlatni Rat
  • Praia da Marinha
  • Marasusa Beach
  • Myrtos Beach
  • Studland Bay

1. Cale Goloritzé

This gem of a beach is in Sardinia, Italy. Located on the northern coast, this beach is known for its natural beauty, sparkling white sand, limestone cliffs and gorgeous blue water.

The beach is so amazing that it was declared a UNESCO site more than two decades ago.

2. Cala Macarella

Located on the southwestern coast of Menorca, Spain, Cala Macarella lacks the congestion you’ll often find on neighboring beaches such as Mallorca and Ibiza.

While the beach is a serene respite for those looking for a break from busier beaches, it’s difficult to access. You can either hike two miles from Cala Galdana, drive on a challenging road from Ciutadella or brave your way through a forest to get to this beach. Whichever path you choose, though, visiting Cala Macarella is well worth it.

3. Shipwreck Beach

Known formally as Navagio Beach, Shipwreck Beach is located on Greece’s Zakynthos Island. Unlike Cala Macarella which you can reach several ways, you can only get to Navagio Beach by boat.

This isolated beach is protected by limestone cliffs that provide the perfect view of the beach’s stunning beauty.

4. Virgin Island’s Creek

This slice of heaven is in Brittany, France. What this beach lacks in the Biarritz or the Côte d'Azur’s glamor, it more than makes up for in peacefulness.

Located at the bottom of a cliff that’s lined with lush pine trees, this beach is the perfect site for a beachfront wedding or a family vacation you’ll never forget.

5. Vik Black Sand Beach

Unlike the beaches you’ll find in other parts of Europe, this Icelandic beach boasts sand that is as black as the night.

Vik Black Sand Beach is littered with tall basalt columns as well, which just add to the appeal of this pearl of a beach.

6. Zlatni Rat

Croatia is well known for its breathtaking beaches, but the Zlatni Rat stands out even among Croatia’s most popular beaches. The Zlatni Rat has a unique shape that changes in concert with the current, adding to the beach’s overall appeal.

If you enjoy windsurfing, paddle boarding or jet skiing, you’ll definitely want to visit Zlatni Rat.

7. Praia da Marinha

Located in Algarve, Portugal, the Praia da Marinha is a popular spot among beachgoers and photographers alike for good reasons. This beach boasts golden sand, rocky limestone and turquoise water that combine to create the perfect backdrop for pictures.

The beach’s caves, rock pools and calm waters make it an attractive destination for families and snorkelers, too.

8. Marasusa Beach

Marasusa Beach is in Tropea, Italy, and it’s widely considered one of the country’s most loved beaches. The beach has towering cliffs, sand that’s as smooth as silk and clear waters that are stunning to behold.

9. Myrtos Beach

While a case can be made that any of the beaches on the island of Kefalonia, Greece should be on a list of Europe’s best beaches, Myrtos Beach was an easy pick.

The beach’s sand is so white and its water is so blue that words simply can’t describe them. You just have to experience them firsthand to truly appreciate the spectacular beauty of Myrtos Beach.

10. Studland Bay

Studland Bay is a four-mile expanse of sand located in Dorset, England. The backdrop for this gorgeous beach is filled with thick woodlands and meadows of colorful wildflowers. This beach is also anchored by Old Harry’s Rocks to the south and the Isle of Wight to the north.

Even if you can’t make it to all top 10 beaches, perhaps a top 5 beaches in Europe list will work better. Either way, these beaches are a must-see.

So, which beach will be the first one you visit when you go to Europe?