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The Best Wine Bars In New York City

September 21st, 2017

The Best Wine Bars in NYC

If you're going to visit New York City in the future, you should make a point to visit one or more of The Big Apple's many wine bars. While you'll find wine bars in the West Village, Williamsburg and every point in between, not every NYC wine bar is the same. That's why we've put together a helpful list of the very best wine bars in New York City.

  • Wildair
  • The Four Horsemen
  • The Ten Bells
  • Buvette

1. Wildair

You'll find more than 100 different wines on the menu when you visit Wildair, which is located close to the famed restaurant, Contra, in the city's Lower East Side. Wildair proudly serves wine that's crafted to appeal to a broad base of people rather than just wine connoisseurs. The menu at Wildair makes it easy to order wine even if you're not an aficionado by breaking your options into the following four categories: reds, whites, pétillant naturel and pét-nat.

Wildair has an industrial décor that simply works. You'll find self-serve silverware underneath tables with high tops, steel barstools and exposed brick walls sparsely adorned with shelves filled with bottles of natural wine.

There's no pretense at Wildair — just fantastic wine paired with a tasting menu created by renowned chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske Valtierra. Wildair is so down to earth, the wine bar doesn't even accept reservations.

2. The Four Horsemen

Founded by LCD Soundsystem's front man, James Murphy, The Four Horsemen is in the Williamsburg neighborhood. This 40-seat wine bar boasts plenty of bare wood and burlap. As you'd expect in a wine bar operated by a famed musician, The Four Horsemen has fantastic acoustics thanks to its cedar-slat ceiling and walls blanketed with cloth.

While The Four Horsemen's décor is appropriately scant, the wine list is anything but. The wine bar's offerings include close to 250 different wines, including bottles from the Mount Etna region in Italy and Fabien Jouves of Cahors, France.

3. The Ten Bells

Named for the area where serial killer Jack the Ripper slayed his victims, the only thing you'll have to worry about when you visit The Ten Bells is having a killer good time. This location has dim lighting that's flattering no matter how long your day has been.

Staffed with friendly, knowledgeable servers, The Ten Bells has a drink menu that includes 16 glasses, most of which you can get for under $10, and 50 bottles. The food at The Ten Bells isn't fancy, but it's packed with flavors that pair well with the selections on the wine bar's beverage menu. This wine bar's cold plates are worth trying.

4. Buvette

Owned and operated by Jody Williams, who has managed to build a fiercely loyal following among food and beverage enthusiasts over the years, Buvette boasts an unapologetically Gallic feel and theme. Buvette is tiny compared to many of the other wine bars in The Big Apple, but the intimate setting is perfect for gatherings with close friends and family members.

From rustic picnic baskets, teapots and silver serving trays, the décor at Buvette is a throwback to a simpler time long before people were distracted by smartphones and constant connectivity. When you look closely at the carefully chosen bottles of wine that are offered at Buvette, you'll see they even blend in well with the wine bar's timeless aesthetic.

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