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The Best Wine Bars in Los Angeles

September 28th, 2017

The Best Wine Bars in LA

What makes a wine bar great? Is it the location, staff, selection or a combination of all the above? If you're curious about what make a wine bar fantastic, all you must do is visit Los Angeles, Calif. The City of Angels is the home of some of the best wine bars you'll find anywhere on the planet.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur, an aspiring aficionado or someone simply looking for a nice, comfortable gathering spot, you'll find the right location to enjoy some tasty wine in LA.

  • Bar Covell
  • Bar Bandini
  • AOC
  • Esters Wine Shop & Bar

1. Bar Covell

Appropriately, the founders of Bar Covell, Dustin Lancaster and Matthew Kaner, met at the retail wine shop Silverlake Wine years before they opened their wildly successful wine bar. From the owners to the servers, the staff members at Bar Covell love to talk about wine and are quick to provide recommendations for people who aren't sure about what they want to order. They're eager to provide suggestions about what foods will pair well with the wine you choose.

If you enjoy people-watching, be sure to request a seat at Bar 1 when you visit Bar Covell. You might be pleasantly surprised by the people who'll pass by as you enjoy great wine and fare that complements your drink perfectly.

2. Bar Bandini

The lack of pretense at Bar Bandini is largely drawn from this wine bar's décor and offerings. The location's drink choices are spelled out on large, black letter boards that are surprisingly easy to read. Walls that are painted in darkened hues and dark slate surfaces are offset by visible wood that makes Bar Bandini's sultry, dark interior warm and inviting. A great place for gatherings with friends or coworkers as well as intimate first dates, Bar Bandini is a must-visit wine bar everyone should get a taste of when they visit Los Angeles.

3. AOC

If you're looking for a fabulous wine bar and a great place to eat in LA, you'll find both of them at AOC. Established by Caroline Styne and Suzanne Goin, AOC only serves wines produced by boutique wine makers. While AOC's wine list is small compared to the beverage menus at many other LA wine bars, the location is known for serving 20 or so of the best wines available anywhere in the City of Angels.

4. Esters Wine Shop & Bar

If you want to see and be seen, Esters Wine Shop & Bar is definitely the place to go when you're in Los Angeles. Just take a seat on the airy balcony and let the people watching begin as you sip wine and enjoy light fare prepared by well-known chef Jeremy Fox.

Located next to Cassia on 7th Street, Esters Wine Shop & Bar is a bright, causal location where you can enjoy some wonderful wine. This bar uses its inventory of wine as decorations, with shelves lined with wine bottles reaching from floor to ceiling in nearly every direction.

Esters Wine Shop & Bar has about 250 wines available by the bottle and around 20 you can order by the glass. When you visit this popular location, you'll see carefully selected wines that were produced in the United States, Italy, Spain and France.

If you enjoy wine and you're planning a trip to Los Angeles, make sure you leave enough time in your itinerary to visit the bars on our list of the very best that LA has to offer. Want to hit a few top-notch wine bars in one night? Transportation could be an issue - you don't want to drink and drive, and public transportation has its obvious downfalls. Contact Quintessentially People today so we can help you find the best personal driv er - that way you can get back to enjoying your wine.