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The Best Wine Bars in Fort Lauderdale

October 12th, 2017

The Best Wine Bars in Fort Lauderdale

If you're heading to Fort Lauderdale for business or pleasure, you'll want the best of everything. From the best and most luxurious accommodations to the finest eateries, every place you visit should live up to your high standards. And that includes the wine bars you choose to visit.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of the wine bars you should make it a point to visit when you're in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Here are the best wine bars in the Venice of America:

  • Vinos On Las Olas
  • Modern Sixties Wine Lounge
  • Naked Grape Wine & Tapas
  • The Boarding

Vinos On Las Olas

As you may have guessed from this establishment's name, this wine bar is conveniently located at East Las Olas Boulevard. While this wine bar's structure is on the small side, it has a courtyard where you can enjoy some fantastic wine and complementary charcuterie outside.

Vinos On Las Olas has a generous list of wines you can order by the glass. While some of the options are pricey (and worth every penny), the prices for most of your per-glass options hover right around $10 each. Whether you like red, white or a blend, you'll find something that appeals to you on this location's long list of wine bottles.

With offerings from California, Argentina, France, New Zealand, Italy and Spain, this establishment's list of available bottles is long and exquisitely well balanced.

Modern Sixties Wine Lounge

While not many people would associate "modern" with the sixties these days, the Modern Sixties Wine Lounge embodies the nuances its name implies. If you're looking for a wine bar that successfully fuses delicious vino, craft beer and tasty, satisfying plates of food with great music from the 1960s, you'll find it at Modern Sixties Wine Lounge.

The Modern Sixties Wine Lounge serves more than 95 varietals, 60 of which are available by the glass. This wine bar even has its own label, Whole Heap Vines, which makes an arneis named "Brillante," a barbera named "Rubino" and a rose' called "Rosalie."

Whether you're a wine expert or a new sipper, you'll love the attentive service you'll receive when you visit Modern Sixties Wine Lounge. Although this popular wine bar is often crowded, you'll always receive personal service that makes you feel like you're the only person in the room.

Naked Grape Wine & Tapas

Put simply, Naked Grape Wine & Tapas is a fantastic location for an intimate date or a large gathering with friends. It's also the place where you'll find great wines and some tasty food that will pair excellently with whatever vintage you choose.

Located on Wilton Drive, Naked Grape Wine & Tapas is best described as friendly, chic, unlike anything else and comfortable. The owners of this establishment actively seek out and serve varietals produced by small production wineries operating in various locations, which is why this location's selection of wines changes regularly.

It doesn't matter if you're new to wine or you're an aficionado, you're always welcome at Naked Grape Wine & Tapas. If you have questions about what wine will pair best with the cheese or tapas you've ordered, the establishment's friendly, helpful staff will be quick to make a fitting recommendation.

The Boarding

Nestled between La Bonne Crepe and Art Connection of Las Olas rests The Boarding, a super-sleek French wine bar. When you visit The Boarding, you can choose from over 70 different varietals. Once you choose the wine you want, the establishment's staff will select various cheeses and meats that will pair perfectly with your selection.

Unlike many other wine bars, The Boarding has a full kitchen. While this haunt specializes in tapas, The Boarding also offers more substantial fare, such as duck confit, rack of lamb and a truffle risotto served with chicken breast.

Are you ready to enjoy some great wine and food in Fort Lauderdale? You can do just that now that you know where the best wine bars are located. Be sure you visit our social media pages to tell us about your experiences at the locations mentioned above.