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The Best Restaurants in Palma

September 7th, 2017

Top-Rated Restaurants in Palma

Palma is the capital and largest city of Spain’s Balearic Islands. It’s beaches, volcanoes, museums and shopping districts are all must-sees on any visit. Traveling, of course, does make one hungry, which is why Palma offers numerous top-rated restaurants to dine at during your stay.

Dine at these eight top-rated restaurants in Palma on your next visit:

  • Forn de Sant Joan
  • Quadrat Restaurant
  • II Paradiso
  • Sumaq Restaurante
  • Tast Club
  • Abaco
  • Sadrassana Restaurant Cocteleria
  • El Nautico

1. Forn de Sant Joan

Forn de Sant Joan offers contemporary Mediterranean cuisine as well as classic cocktails with a modern touch. This premier restaurant in Palma offers weekly, daily and group menus, which are curated from local ingredients and seasonal produce found throughout the island.

Their lunch and dinner menus also include European and Spanish cuisine, plus vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options to meet your or your companion’s dietary needs. If you’re traveling with a larger group, Forn de Sant Joan offers private dining rooms.

2. Quadrat Restaurant

The Quadrat Restaurant is found at the Sant Francesc Hotel Singular in Palma. The restaurant features a menu of classic European, Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, mixed with innovative international and contemporary cuisine options. The Quadrat Restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and provides gluten-free options.

Indoor and outdoor seating is available, though outdoor seating gives you a view of the hotel’s lush gardens and the aroma of fresh flowers. Sit on the outdoor terrace for a relaxed breakfast, lunch or dinner and take in the view of Palma from one of its top-rated restaurants.

3. Il Paradiso

Il Paradiso is located on Palma’s oceanfront, giving you a magnificent view of the water. The terrace restaurant offers authentic European, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Their menu shifts throughout the seasons to reflect locally available produce and ingredients.

A selection of Italian and Spanish wines is also available to pair with your meal while overlooking the Bay of Palma. If you’re dining indoors, you can appreciate the restored interior of the 20th-century building, which was previously the Hotel Alfonso XII.

4. Sumaq Restaurante

Sumaq Restaurante serves Peruvian Fusion cuisine in individual platter sizes or group portions throughout the afternoon and well into the late evening. The restaurant sources many of its ingredients from Peru to create authentic Peruvian dishes, such as ceviche.

The restaurant is one of Palma’s top-rated seafood restaurants due to the quality of its cuisines, as well as its educated, friendly staff and selection of quality wines to complement your meals.

5. Tast Club

Tast Club is an underground restaurant with an elegant and intimate ambiance. The club’s afternoon and dinner menus include Mediterranean, Spanish and European platters with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The menu at Tast Club includes treats like Spanish omelets, whiskey cake and a raw bar.

You’ll find Tast Club is a bit hidden in its location. It’s tucked away in a courtyard up from the Swedish Embassy with an outdoor sign that says, “Blue Pilates.” Tast Club is well worth the excursion though as a go-to restaurant in Palma.

6. Abaco

Abaco offers a selection of cocktails and desserts to end your evening in Palma. The cocktail bar is a top-rated experience because of its Baroque and Mallorcan architecture, as well as its interior decorations, which feature antique furniture, flowers and fruit.

Outdoor seating is available on Abaco’s patio, which features a fountain, palm trees and a mural. It’s the perfect spot to take in the warm, evening air and relax.

7. Sadrassana Restaurant Cocteleria

Sadrassana Restaurant Cocteleria is an award-winning restaurant. It’s located in a 19th-century Majorcan manor house, featuring the Horrach Moya Gallery. The restaurant’s dinner menu includes Mediterranean, European and Spanish cuisines that mix the traditional with contemporary innovation.

The restaurant’s interior features vintage furniture and damask wall hangings that pay tribute to Palma’s Mallorcan architecture. Sit and sip on classic international cocktails or Sadrassana Restaurant Cocteleria’s custom cocktails.

8. El Nautico

El Nautico overlooks the Bay of Palma and gives you a view of Bellver Castle. Indoor dining is also available, featuring open windows so you can still see the water and feel the warm breeze.

The restaurant serves a variety of Spanish, European and Mediterranean dishes. Vegetarian-friendly meals are also offered to meet your dietary preferences. Spend your afternoon sampling El Nautico’s menu while watching yachts and boats move throughout the marina.

Palma offers relaxed dining and authentic, quality meals from a variety of top-rated restaurants with views of the riverfront. Share these best places to eat in Palma with your friends and family across social media.