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Staying In Shape On A Busy Schedule

August 17th, 2016

No time to work out due to your busy life-style? Looking for a fast lunchtime workout or morning workout routine that burns calories and builds strength, or need to develop a travel exercise regimen that requires no equipment? Quintessentially People is here to help. Although exercise buffs won’t want to replace their normal routines with ultra-speedy workouts, these moves will maintain your fitness and motivate you to want more.

A Fast, No-Equipment Required, Circuit-Training Workout

Free weights, your treadmill and a Smith machine are hall of fame workout tools, but you won’t always have access to them. When you’re not near your gym, put the power of body weight and compound exercise that work multiple muscle groups to work for you. Warm up for one minute with jumping jacks, then do 12-15 repetitions each of pushups, squats, mountain climbers and lunges, ending with a 30-second plank. Perform the reps as quickly as you can so you gain a cardio benefit. Repeat the circuit three times, with no break in between.

A 20-Minute Cardio Interval Workout

It’s possible to do cardio intervals whether you’re in the gym, at home or work, in the pool or at the track. Choose your favorite heart-pumping workout – this could be jogging, swimming, biking or even jumping rope – and block off 20 minutes from your day. Start by going at a moderately fast pace for one minute, then take the next two minutes to recover at moderate speed. Repeat the three-minute circuit five more times, for a total of 18 minutes, then cool down for two minutes, slowly.

Tabata Training

Tabata training, developed for Olympic athletes decades ago, is fast and effective – but it’s anything but easy. Warm up for one minute by running in place or doing jumping jacks. Next, perform any exercise – strength or cardio – with all-out effort for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds, then repeat the 30-second interval. Continue for seven more minutes. How do you know you’re going hard enough? By the end of the eight-minute workout, you should feel completely exhausted. If you choose one or two strength-training moves, make sure you opt for a compound exercise that works multiple muscles. Pushups, lunges, squats and plank all fit the bill.

Fit Exercise in Where You Can

If 20 minutes is too much for your jam-packed schedule, fit exercise in where you can. Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Choose the parking spot that’s farther away, instead of waiting for a closer option. Walk briskly whenever you can. Combine these efforts with commonsense strategies such as cutting calories, and you’ll find yourself shedding pounds. You may even decide to join a gym or try a fitness class.

Work With a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can customize an on-the-go workout for you that complements your busy lifestyle.

For more information about hiring a personal trainer, get in touch with Quintessentially People.