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Simplify Your Life With Time-Saving Apps

May 19th, 2016

Time Saving Mobile Apps

At Quintessentially People, we understand how challenging it is when competing priorities make life tough. Although we’re the world’s leading source for outstanding talent, today’s best timesaving technologies can help you make do in a pinch. Check out these mobile apps for organization and never miss an appointment again.


You’re out to lunch with a friend when he suggests getting together for dinner. You think you’re free, but you’ll have to check your schedule. When is that board meeting again, and has lacrosse started yet? With Cozi, you can review everyone’s schedule in one simple app. Get a shared account, upload individual activities and set reminders so you’ll never miss a thing. You can even create a to-do list, share photos and keep a journal. It’s life, simplified.


You know comparison shopping is important, but who has the time? RedLaser, that’s who. This powerful app lets you compare prices on anything you want that’s sold online, including local stores. You can also compare nutrition labels on boxed, bagged or canned foods, or find out if the book you wanted from the library is finally free.

Genius Scan and Genius Fax

If you’ve been waiting for paperwork to get a whole lot easier, meet Genius Scan and Genius Fax. This powerful app takes the pain out of document transfer with your smartphone. Simply use your phone to take a photo of the document you need to email or fax, save the image with a file name of your choosing, and send it right from the app. You can save multiple photos within one file, too, which makes life a lot easier. Plus, the app saves the documents you photograph, so you won’t have to duplicate effort if you need to send the same information twice.

Cooking Made Easy

What? They want dinner again? They sure do — but BigOven has you covered. BigOven makes it incredibly simple to keep nightly meals planned an organized for a month at a time — or less. With BigOven Pro you can create an automatic grocery list, too. Simply choose from the recipe database that contains hundreds of thousands of ideas, many of which are easy to make. You can even share recipes through social media or email — perfect for when you know what you want to eat but you don’t have the time or inclination to cook.

TripIt and Just Landed

Travel much? Us, too. But who wants to keep track of airline flight times, hotel and restaurant confirmations, rental car reservations and the like? Nobody. With TripIt, you’ll get easy access to everything you need to know about your travel arrangements — and you don’t need web access to use it. Picking someone up at the airport? Just Landed tells you if the flight is late and if the traffic is beastly on the way to the airport. You’ll get a warning 10 and 5 minutes before you should leave for the airport — making personal assistants everywhere more productive.

Not sure an app will help you get the job done? Call Quintessentially People. We source the world’s best assistants for high performing individuals everywhere, and we’ll keep you running like clockwork.