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Romantic Winter Dates

December 1st, 2016

Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Wearing cozy fabrics as you sip drinks by the fire means summer’s hot fling has blossomed into something more. Luckily for romantics everywhere, winter holidays and the cold weeks that follow are primetime for special dates. Impress your loved one with these romantic winter date ideas that are bound to deepen your special bond.

Embrace the Outdoors

Summer offers beachy weekends, fresh lobster rolls and oysters from your favorite roadside stand, and lazy days relaxing on the boat. Winter offers as many outdoor charms — provided you’re dressed for the occasion. Try ice skating. Go for a snowshoe hike through the snowy woods or on your local golf course. Test your new cross country skis. The best part? You don’t have to pretend to be an expert. Learn a new skill together and enjoy loads of laughs as you appreciate the sparkling trees, bright blue sky and impossibly crisp air.

Engage in Off-Season Travel

Heading to the Caribbean has long been the preferred escape when the mercury dips below freezing, but have you considered traveling to an off-season destination? Why not discover the charms of a popular summer destination such as Nantucket, the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard when it’s quiet? It’s a terrific opportunity to see a whole new side of the warm weather destinations you love — and you’ll appreciate the extra attention you and your mate receive.

Visit the Ballet and the Opera

The winter is peak time for the ballet, the opera and Broadway. Dress elegantly, make reservations at the hot new restaurant you want to try, and explore a cultural attraction. Introduce your loved one to your favorite opera, or try ballet together for the first time. In New York City, for example, ticketholders flock to annual events such as The Nutcracker (and even the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall). Perhaps you’ll discover a passion that will last you for years to come — but even if you both hate it, at least you can say you tried it.

Enjoy Some Basketball and Hockey

Prefer your hobbies a bit more down to Earth? No problem. Winter means it’s time for football, basketball and hockey. Dress for comfort and relax with a beer or two as you root on your favorite hometown team. It’s a great bonding experience, especially if you’re an expert and you’re willing to play teacher to an enthusiastic listener. Skip the face painting and hollering if your date is new to sports. You can always work up to that later.

Plan a Classic Winter Getaway

If you’re both downhill skiers, you’re in luck. What better way to enjoy a day in the wintry outdoors than with boards strapped to your feet? Especially romantic options include Stowe and Quebec in the east, and Lake Tahoe, Aspen and Telluride in the west. Looking for an urban setting? Try Vancouver or Salt Lake City, where connoisseurs insist the snow is at its most powdery and perfect.

Even though tradition says there are no friends on a powder day, now is not the time to get freshies as your loved one snoozes. For the best results, stick together.