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Reasons To Hire A Butler

September 13th, 2018

Reasons to Hire a Butler

When many people think of a butler, they remember an old movie in which there was a well-dressed man with a folded white towel hanging on his bent arm. He waits in the background to fulfill his employer’s every command. While images like the one just described are often why so many individuals think butlers provide an outdated type of service, that’s simply not the case.

Even in today’s connected society, butlers can still provide service that’s necessary and relevant in a modern household.

About Butler Training

While butlers have traditionally been men, women have started stepping into butler positions in recent years. Regardless of their gender, aspiring butlers must undergo formal training. Working as a butler in a modern household requires a person to have a wide array of skills that must be learned.

In general, to become a butler, a person will have to complete a 10-week course that includes an 800-hour curriculum that’s taught by a licensed institution.

During training, a butler will learn about etiquette, cooking and wardrobe management. Communication skills, technology, child and pet care, security and traveling with an employer are just a few of the other topics a butler training program will normally touch upon.

What Butlers Do

Given their training, butlers are experts at providing personalized services their employers rely on to make their daily lives easier. Here are some of the things butlers often do:
  • Greet guests
  • Serve meals and beverages
  • Arrange formal table settings and flowers
  • Manage the interior of a home
  • Prepare meals when a personal chef isn’t available
  • Manage their employer’s wine cellar
It’s not uncommon for experienced butlers to take on specialized roles within a household. Butlers often frequently assume managerial positions to oversee their employer’s other staff members as well. Depending on a given butler’s skill set, the person may be asked to make household repairs when necessary, answer incoming phone calls, drive their employer around town or coordinate social events.

In addition to managing other internal staff members, a butler may also be asked to oversee the work of handymen or women, vendors and contractors.

Benefits of Having a Butler in Your Home

As a function of what they do, having a butler in your home can provide several meaningful benefits. A butler’s presence can provide an added level of security, for example. Having a butler on your payroll can also enhance your position in your social circles.

Above all, hiring a butler enables you to have a highly-trained professional in your home who’s dedicated to you and your family and is willing and able to make your everyday life easier.

Hire a Butler Through Quintessentially People

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of having a butler in your home, we invite you to contact Quintessentially People. With your butler living with you and becoming a member of your family, it’s vital that you hire the very best professional possible.

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