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New York Bridal Week Guide

April 27th, 2017

New York Bridal Week

What’s the best part of a wedding? Other than marrying the loves of their lives, picking the perfect wedding dress is what many brides look forward to the most. With an average of 178 guests attending each wedding held in the United States, it’s important to pick a wedding dress that will look great in front of many onlookers.

In the U.S., approximately 2.3 million weddings are held annually, which breaks down to an average of almost 6,200 weddings per day. Americans spend $72 billion per year on weddings despite the current trend toward more casual weddings. With the cost of a wedding dress ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, the amount of money that’s spent on wedding dresses contributes a significant amount to the total revenue the wedding industry generates annually.

Fashion Week Explained

Many brides resort to visiting dress shop after dress shop when they’re looking for the perfect dress to celebrate their big day, but there’s a more efficient way to see the latest wedding dresses — attend a fashion week. A fashion week is a fashion industry event that brings designers, brands and fashion houses together to show their most recent collections over the course of a week.

During a fashion week, multiple runway shows take place that buyers, media and members of the public attend. In general, these shows influence current and future trends in the fashion industry. The Big Four fashion capitals that are renowned for their fashion weeks include:

  • • New York
  • • London
  • • Milan
  • • Paris

New York International Bridal Week

While fashion shows such as the famed New York Fashion Week attract designers from just about every fashion market niche, shows such as the weeklong New York Bridal Show attract clothes makers who specialize in all things wedding-related, especially wedding dressmakers. Since its inception, New York Bridal Week has existed to revitalize the bridal industry standard by creating a seven-day market that offers convenience, engagement and easy, one-stop shopping.

From the beginning, the New York Bridal Show has been welcomed by the wedding and fashion industries, and the biannual trade show continues to command the bridal stage on a global level. The masterful minds responsible for the New York International Bridal Show attempt to create a destination at Pier 92 in New York City that unites couture and convenience twice per year. This union makes it easy for brides to see the latest trends in wedding dresses and select the perfect dress all in one place.

Events and Amenities During the New York Bridal Show

The New York Bridal Show gets a lot of attention from industry insiders, brides-to-be and members of the press. In fact, the event has gained so much popularity over the years that hundreds of journalists from around the world flock to New York City to report on the latest trends in wedding dresses. While attending fashion shows by individual designers consumes a lot of time for many of the show’s attendees, there are quite a few other activities and amenities to enjoy during New York International Bridal Week.

The layout of Pier 92 allows for a unique shopping experience that even the most discerning, most sophisticated buyers will find satisfying. If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding, you’ll want to attend a buyer’s snack break to get advice from some of the wedding and fashion industries’ leading experts. With an in-house café, exclusive buyers’ lounges, on-site parking, a convenient Wi-Fi lounge and a press room, there’s always something to do and somewhere to be at Pier 92 during the New York Bridal Show.

If all that isn’t enough, seminars are held throughout the weeklong tradeshow, which can provide insight into what you should look for in a wedding dress and tips for how you can plan the idyllic wedding that’s every little girl’s dream.

Participants in New York Bridal Week

The list of designers and businesses that participate in New York Bridal Week typically grows and changes from show to show and year to year. With new participants appearing regularly, it’s not always possible to predict which designers will participate in an upcoming New York Bridal Show. If history is any indication, it’s safe to say you’ll see dresses made by some of the industry’s most traditional, contemporary and forward-thinking designers no matter which New York Bridal Show you choose to attend.

Historically, New York International Bridal Week has attracted some of the most admired designers from countries located throughout the world. Some of the show’s previous participants include:

  • • Adam Zohar
  • • Bel Aire Bridal
  • • Carla Brillanti
  • • David Tutera for Mon Cheri
  • • Edith Elan
  • • Frascara
  • • Galizia Spose
  • • Haute Couture by Olga Yermoloff
  • • Ian Stuart
  • • J-Picone
  • • Kitty Chen Couture
  • • La Femme
  • • Mint Lola
  • • Nora Sarman
  • • Officina di Cucitura
  • • Perla by Aviva
  • • Raishma
  • • Symphony Bridal Collections
  • • Tara Lauren
  • • Valentini
  • • Wayne Clark
  • • Zoey Grey

The City That Never Sleeps

While New York International Bridal Week has enough designer shows, activities and amenities to keep everyone entertained from beginning to end, you may want to take a break from all the show’s fanfare to enjoy the attractions New York City has to offer. From some of the world’s finest restaurants to major sporting events involving some of the country’s elite professional teams, New York City is known as the City That Never Sleeps for a reason — it has a lot for you to do and see at all hours of the day and night.

Here are some of the things you may want to check out depending on when you visit the Big Apple:

  • • Times Square
  • • Central Park
  • • Union Square
  • • Fourth of July Fireworks over the Hudson River
  • • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • • Empire State Building
  • • Broadway and Off-Broadway shows
  • • Little Italy
  • • Chinatown

Are you planning to attend New York International Bridal Week this year? Why don’t you invite your friends to join you so you can experience the New York Bridal Show and everything New York City has to offer together? Share this post on social media now and let the fun of finding the perfect wedding dress, experiencing an exciting bridal show and exploring a new city with close friends begin.