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Must-Have Accessories for Your Luxury Lifestyle

July 7th, 2016

Luxury Tech Accessories

If you’re like most luxury tech lovers, then chances are you bring one or two more web-enabled devices into your life every year. Instead of working through the apps that are clogging up your smartphone screen, try using a universal remote instead. Sevenhugs designs and builds the “world’s first contextual remote,” a device called the Smart Remote. With one remote device, you can control everything in your home that’s enabled with smart technology – just don’t lose it.

Speaking of smart devices, if you count yourself disappointed with the sound quality of Sonos, you’re not alone. Upgrade to the super sleek Bowers & Wilkins wireless speaker, compatible with Apple and non-Apple devices. With amazing sound quality at low and high ranges, plus a built-in subwoofer that won’t vibrate or get fuzz at loud volumes, the Bowers & Wilkins is the perfect portable choice when skimping on sound quality is not an option.

Luxury Car Accessories

If you work on the road and need access to a desk en route, check out these high- and low-tech options.

Charge USB devices with a dual charger that fits inside your car’s lighter and assure your phone, tablet and other tech is ready to go at all times, especially when you’re traveling and on a conference call at the same time. Add an auto desk to your passenger seat and make sure you stay organized while you’re visiting clients and suppliers. Want to keep the kids happy while you’re headed out of town? Bring your tablet and install the tablet mount to the back of your front seats for hours of peace and quiet.

Luxury Travel Accessories

Long airport lines make TSA precheck the absolute must-have for speedy preflight convenience. Schedule an appointment at your closest precheck center for the fastest possible service. Make sure your kids’ passports are up to date before you book overseas travel – unlike adult passports that expire every 10 years, child passports are only good for five. Avoid expensive rush fees and schedule an appointment for your kids a minimum of six to eight weeks prior to travel.

If you already have your organizational ducks in a row, reward yourself with Louis Vuitton luggage. Chic for decades and even more gorgeous when it’s not brand new, LV’s famous luggage line includes everything from duffels and carry-ons to organizers and jewelry cases.

Luxury Home and Kitchen Accessories

Why eat a plain kale salad when you could grind it to shriveled, juicy bits along with a few equally healthy but way-more-tasty items? Make juicing a regular activity with the Omega Twin Gear Juicer, your waistline’s new best friend. Skip the peeling and seeding and see what exciting concoctions you can devise with this powerful countertop juicer.

Looking for something a bit more luxe? Quaff your favorite vintage with a set of Baccarat Massena glasses, an extraordinarily beautiful design. Available in multiple sizes and styles, don’t forget to add the matching whiskey decanter and ice bucket for a truly worthy display.