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Must-Do Wine Festivals in Europe

July 14th, 2016

Must Do Wine Festivals 

You’ve explored California, and tasted the best of Washington and Oregon. You’ve even tried up-and-comers from the North Fork of Long Island, the Finger Lakes, Virginia and beyond. When you’re ready to explore the best on the Continent, make these wine festivals top on your list of European destinations.


From reds and whites to bubbles and rosé, there’s a French wine for everyone to love. Secure a tasting pass for the Bordeaux Wine Festival, a beautiful two-kilometer wine route nestled between a sparkling river and picturesque 18th century buildings. Learn about winemaking, visit the Festival’s Gastronomy Village – after all, what is wine but for the food – and sample world-famous productions from great and little-known Bordeaux and Aquitaine regions.


If you love freshly made pasta with a bold Italian red, make Radda in Chianti a must-visit destination. Stay in a vacation apartment in Chianti, in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, and explore Florence and the surrounding region. Taste regional wines and foods, buy your favorites and pack a picnic lunch in the castle-dotted hillside. Rent a car – Radda in Chianti is best traveled under your own power.


England may be better known for its beer, but that doesn’t mean our friends across the pond don’t enjoy a lovely glass of wine. Plan your visit for English Wine Week, traditionally held in late spring. Wander outside London and plan your weekend traveling through picturesque Surrey and Sussex, then end back in town. Extra points if you rent a vintage English car for your travels, and stop off at a pub for a pint or two – after all, this is England.


If you love red wine, then chances are you’re a fan of Rioja, the flavorful yet mellow red that’s the flagship of Spanish wine. Plan to visit the Haro Wine Festival in Haro, and bring a white T-shirt or two for soaking. Full disclosure: Haro Wine Festival patrons leave the event drenched in purple, and it’s recommended only for the adventurous. The beginning of the day starts bright and early, but by the time evening comes, you’ll be awash in Rioja and outstanding tapas. When tomorrow comes, you’ll be ready to explore the unforgettable Spanish countryside.


Like England, Germany is probably best known for its beer. Yet Germany produces many outstanding wines, particularly whites such as Riesling. Explore the Deidesheimer Weinkerwe, a festival for genuine wine lovers because it features outstanding vintages from the best vineyards and cellars. It’s also highly sociable, as all fabulous wine festivals should be.

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