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September 1st, 2014

Rachel, one of our luxury brand candidates talks to QP about how she landed a top media job and her experiences along the way.

How did you get in to the world of media and entertainment?
I moved form Tokyo to Shanghai in 2007 because there was something incredibly opportunistic in the air. Shanghai was at the first stages of undergoing a very ambitious and aggressive development. The infrastructure, business, culture, thinking, fashions...everything was just evolving and changing at a "over night" pace and I wanted in on it. I was able to get into one of the largest media companies in Asia to work on the multi national clients that were interested in coming to China or expanding in China. It was a sense of adventure that took me to the right place at the right time and a huge "fake it till ya make it" ability. I loved media, advertising and live events, and Shanghai had the right circumstances for me to jump in. So I did.

What do you love most about your job?

When it all comes together- the right brand with the right artist with the right campaign. You can create something new for fans and customers and that is really exciting. Its a good moment to see how something you helped create reaches fans and brings something entertaining and hopefully memorable into peoples lives. Brand partnership is a very important part of the music industry today and to be able to bring in new streams of revenue and support for our artist - so they can keep doing what they do , which is creating music for us all to enjoy, is a rewarding job and makes all the challenges worth it.

What do you think makes a good Manager?

Be able to diffuse negativity and "crisis", be decisive, good with negotiations and always let people know where they stand and let people know that they are doing a great job. And for the 7 years in China- have a great sense of humor and ability to just roll with it.

Any exciting anecdotes you can share with us?

I was once stuck in an elevator for 10 minutes with Kenny G in the Ticketmaster building in shanghai. Elevator music came to life!

Who/what has been your greatest influence in your career?

That would be Albert Lefter, the Founder of Ticketmaster. I was fortunate to meet him when he came to China for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I admired his sheer passion and drive he had for the business. He started the business with the idea of sharing his love for arts, culture and entertainment with others. That joy may have lost a bit along the way but getting to know him and hear his stories helped me realize and share his love for the entertainment business, and that has meant a lot to me. He has been an integral part of my career and life in general and I am proud to call him my mentor and my friend.

What are your top tips for success in your field?

Have to be able to handle "no’s.” Most of the time things will not work out the way you want or plan. The more flexible and malleable you are the better. I have found it is important to find ways to view things differently, approach from different angels and get creative with how things may work. Eventually, it will work but you can't walk away on a good idea and you cant allow a no to ever be disheartening. Perseverance is vital!

What is your biggest challenge faced so far?

It's always a challenge to balance the expectations of when things will happen and the reality of when they will happen. We live in a world where people and business want fast results, especially with business development but the right deals can take an excruciating amount of time. Its about having patience and understanding that "not now but not never" is an important mental attitude. That and getting Chinese government permission to have 15 Ferrari's in the forbidden square in Beijing for an Enio Morricone concert. It happened , looked and sounded amazing but I wouldn't try that again. (Actually yes I would)

What are three things you couldn't do without?

The support and understanding I have had from my family over the years, Music, and exercise.