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September 15th, 2014

Paige is one of Quintessentially People’s yacht candidates who has worked on some of the most luxurious boats in the world – here Paige talks to us about what it takes to get to the top

How did you get into the Yachting Industry?

I am very passionate about travelling but also very goal orientated so, after finishing university I wanted to find a career which suited both. I had a friend in the yachting industry and did a lot of research on the lifestyle and opportunities. I completed my STCW95 (Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeeping) and registered with several agencies. I consistently searched for day work to get experience and landed my first job as 2nd Stewardess on a 115 ft boat with 5 crew.

What do you love most about your job?

I love planning special events on-board and watching everything come together! It's definitely a challenge, but when you see your owners/guests enjoying themselves, it's all worth it! The travelling and experiencing different cultures around the world is a huge plus to the industry. One day you’re in Italy and the next you’re in Croatia. The yachting industry gives you memories you will cherish forever.

What do you think makes a good Chief Stewardess?

Organisation and the ability to multi-task. There are SO many details and if you're not organized you will not succeed. Planning is key! Anticipate the needs of your guests and be prepared for anything. As chief stewardess, you must always be open minded, very calm and adapt to any situation. Working on Yachts you get the most unexpected events happening. You must lead your interior team, and always make sure the guests are happy. I can remember a time during New Year’s Eve we we’re docked in St Barth’s and at the last minute, our owner wanted to throw a party with a band. Being on a small Island chances are very slim, getting that done in 10 hours was a huge accomplishment showed hard work pays off.

Any exciting anecdotes you can share with us.

I had a Politician on-board and his Secret Service Agents! It was very surreal and extremely interesting! The most memorable was participating in the amFAR event (Cinema Against AIDS) during the Cannes Film Festival, it was a life changing experience not to mention sitting next to Kanye West!

Who/what has been your greatest influence in your career?

Rachel, the first Chief Stewardess I worked under taught me everything I needed to be successful. I paid attention and asked lots of questions. She had the ability to keep the entire boat under control with such proper manner. Rachel taught us how to enjoy 18 hour work days and to always stay positive.

What are your top tips for success in your field?

2.Plan Ahead
3.Pay Attention to everything!

What is your biggest challenge faced so far?

Personalities of the crew. You have to have thick skin. Do unto others as you would have done to you! Treat people with respect and part of a team and include everyone!! The entire crew will benefit and you will make lifelong friends, not to mention you will all give better service to your guests on-board.

What are three things you couldn’t do without?

Skype, reading and yoga.