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October 25th, 2018

Collections That Are a Good Investment

Are you a savvy investor looking for a place to invest some additional funds? If you’re tired of pumping money into traditional investments like stocks, bonds and real estate, you might have heard that it can be a good idea to invest in collectibles.

While that’s certainly true in some cases, not all collectibles are valuable. This makes it necessary to research collections that are a good investment before you start gathering items that might have nothing more than sentimental value, if they even have that.

Valuable Collectibles

Television shows like “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars” make it clear that, while some collectibles can be quite valuable, many others aren’t worth a second look to someone with a trained eye. They also make it obvious that some collectibles appeal to a broad audience while others will only interest a handful of potential buyers.

If you want to invest in valuable collectibles that have broad, lasting appeal, here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

  • Sneakers: While gold coins and antiques may spring to mind when you think about collectibles, don’t underestimate the collectability of sneakers. If you want to collect sneakers that are likely to increase in value, it’s advisable to focus on limited edition styles, particularly those produced by the Nike brand.

  • Comic Books: While you might think only old comic books have value, that’s not the case. A mint condition The Walking Dead #1 published in 2003 can fetch up to $11,000. When it comes to comic books, condition is everything. Before you spend a lot of money on a comic book, be sure you have it checked out by an expert. As you collect comic books, keep an eye out for the first book of every series as well as comic books that introduce new characters.

  • Physical Maps: As people rely more and more on their smartphones and in-car navigation systems for directions, physical maps are quickly becoming extinct. As you would expect, that’s making maps more valuable. If you’re new to map collecting, visit to see if a given map is valuable before you make an offer to buy it. Remember — even if a map doesn’t have value right now, that may change down the line as maps become increasingly rare.

  • Vinyl Records: You didn’t have to grow up listening to vinyl records to appreciate their superior sound quality compared to CDs and Internet radio. It’s because of that better sound quality that vinyl records are regaining their popularity and becoming highly collectible. If you still have a vinyl record player, keep it because its value will likely increase as vinyl records continue to make their comeback.

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