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Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

November 23rd, 2016

Gift Giving For The Person Who Has Everything

Clothes? Nah. Jewelry? Uh uh. A gadget? The closet is already packed with stuff that doesn’t get used. When you need to buy a gift for the person who has everything, it’s not only a chore — it’s likely impossible to find the gift that will make an impact. What’s a thoughtful gift giver to do?

Start thinking, that’s what. Instead of buying more stuff that’s destined to find a permanent home in the closet of the forgotten, consider an experience instead. What your friend or loved one can never get enough of are memories — and that’s your opportunity to give something special.

The Hottest Ticket in Town

What does everyone need more of? Quality time. Think about what your loved one enjoys. Sports? Theater? Fine dining? Art? Give your loved one two tickets to the event or restaurant that best meets his or her interests. And if you’re not sure which to choose, try something new — for example, Cirque du Soleil, or the hottest jazz club in town. Giving two tickets doesn’t mean you will be accompanying your loved one, so don’t choose an event based on your own preferences.


Why not give the gift of skill? Cooking lessons for your favorite amateur cook, piano lessons for your classical music lover, language lessons for a traveler and dance lessons for an exercise enthusiast are all fun options. Your loved one will finish the experience as an enriched, more interesting person — and she or he will have you to thank for it.


Adrenaline junkies love a rush, so give it to them with an adventure-themed gift that’s destined to become an unforgettable memory. Consider an experience such as skydiving, scuba diving, racecar driving, mountain climbing or sailing. Although an adventurous gift is a great idea for the person who can’t sit still, some of these experiences can be dangerous or possibly unpleasant — so make sure you don’t accidentally give a deep sea fishing trip to the woman who suffers from terrible seasickness, or a skydiving trip to the man with chronic lower back pain.

Personal Shopping Experiences

If you’re convinced that your loved one would prefer a material gift, set aside time for a personal shopping experience. For example, pick your loved one up early in the day for a fabulous brunch, then head to his or her favorite store for a personal shopping experience. Perhaps your loved one is coveting a brand new handbag, or maybe your man needs a new suit or overcoat. Choose the gift together, and enjoy the experience of watching your loved one appreciate the attention.

A Personal Touch

Make memories even more special by turning relics from the past into a new experience. Selecting old photos of families and friends for placement into a new album is an incredibly thoughtful gift that requires time and effort (instead of money). Turn heirloom jewelry into something fresh by asking a jeweler to rework old-fashioned metalwork and gemstones into something modern — but that retains a sense of history.

Your loved one wants a gift that shows you understand his or her likes and dislikes. Plan ahead, think outside the box and don’t rush. You’ll create a memory you’ll both cherish forever.