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Exclusive Los Angeles Restaurant Guide

July 27th, 2017

L.A. Restaurant Guide — Vegan, All Natural & Pet-Friendly Restaurants

As a vegan, you understand the challenges of eating out, especially when traveling. Pet owners often encounter the same difficulties when finding restaurants that accept or allow dogs to dine alongside their owners. Those interested in eating at all-organic restaurants face similar hurdles.

Luckily for pet owners, vegans and other diners, restaurants across larger cities, like Los Angeles, are adapting their processes and menus to meet the needs of their patrons. Of course, that still leaves you to research and find restaurants throughout the L.A. area.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a guide to dog-friendly, vegan or all-organic restaurants in L.A.? Well, look no further. Here’s our exclusive L.A. restaurant guide for vegan, all natural and pet-friendly restaurants.
  • LA's Best Vegan Restaurants
  • Pet Friendly Restaurants In LA
  • Ogranic Resturants in LA

  • The Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

    Vegan restaurants in Los Angeles are plentiful, offering you a variety of different cuisines and restaurant options to choose from, like Mexican and Vietnamese cuisines to upscale and casual locations.
    Visit these six vegan restaurants on your next trip to L.A.:
    • Âu L?c
    • Sage Bistro
    • Flore Vegan Cuisine
    • Plant Food and Wine
    • Gracias Madre
    • The Springs­

    1. Âu L?c

    Âu L?c offers a vegan, plant-based menu with several gluten-free options. Their cuisines feature traditional Vietnamese dishes infused with contemporary cuisine.

    Sample meals include:

    • Crimini pesto
    • Chinoise salad
    • Garlic basil rice and noodles
    • Mushroom octopus
    Menus at Âu L?c are continually updated with new dishes that are created using natural ingredients and organic produce. Their organic drink selection includes wines, cocktails and beers, as well as teas and freshly pressed juices.

    2. Sage Bistro

    Sage Bistro is a vegan and organic eatery that serves brunch, lunch and dinner. It also offers 25 beers on tap, as well as free ice cream from their KindKreme small batch dairy label. The bistro focuses on a farm-to-table approach and partners with local farmers throughout California.

    Sample menu items include:

    • Chia French toast
    • Cauliflower wings
    • Avocado bruschetta
    • Artichoke ravioli
    The menu at Sage Bistro is tailored throughout the year to accommodate available local produce, as well as potential seasons of poor crop yields, to offer you a menu that’s authentic and always locally sourced. If you’re traveling with children, Sage Bistro is a family-friendly restaurant and offers group menus and portions. You’ll find Sage Bistro’s L.A. location on Sunset Boulevard.

    3. Flore Vegan Cuisine

    Flore Vegan Cuisine is one of the best pet-friendly, organic and vegan restaurants in L.A. Its menu includes Mexican and American cuisines, as well as a broad selection of cold-pressed juices and whole leaf tonics.

    Menu items at Flore Vegan Cuisine include:

    • Portobello tacos
    • Blueberry buckwheat bliss pancakes
    • Zucchini pasta
    • Raw key lime pie
    Flore Vegan Cuisine offers indoor and outdoor seating. If your dog is accompanying you, you’ll dine outdoors on the restaurant’s shaded patio. Feel free to request a water dish to keep your furry companion cool and hydrated.

    4. Plant Food and Wine

    Plant Food and Wine features a plant-based menu using locally-sourced ingredients from the restaurant’s garden and local California farmers. Its menu is seasonal and features an extensive wine list to complement each of its unique offerings.
    Seasonal menu items include:

    • Smoked tofu Florentine
    • Heirloom tomato and zucchini lasagna
    • Butternut potato gnocchi
    • Strawberry hibiscus cheesecake
    Plant Food and Wine serves brunch, lunch and dinner. Seating is available indoors and on an outdoor patio that features olive trees and other greenery.

    5. Gracias Madre

    Gracias Madre is another popular vegan restaurant in L.A. The restaurant’s plant-based, Mexican platters are also organic and farm fresh. Their ingredients are locally sourced.

    Menu items include:

    • Butternut squash quesadilla
    • Plantain French toast
    • Cauliflower frito
    • Pumpkin flan
    Gracias Madre offers tasting menus for brunch, lunch and dinner if you’re visiting with a party of 10 or more. The restaurant also includes valet parking and full-service bars, both indoors and outdoors. Their outdoor patio also includes a fireplace and heaters.

    6. The Springs­

    The Springs offers a kitchen and juice bar, as well as workshops and a yoga and wellness center. The kitchen at The Springs features an all-day menu of vegan meals created with sustainable, organic and local produce. Their menus change daily to reflect available ingredients.

    Sample menu items include:

    • Shakshuka
    • Spiced carrot and avocado tostada
    • Pad Thai
    • Marble chia pudding
    The Springs also features a luxury reset package, with a half-day visit to downtown L.A. that includes lunch, juice and yoga, as well as a deep tissue massage and an infrared sauna session.
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    The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

    Restaurants throughout L.A. offer outdoor seating and patios, but they may not be dog-friendly. However, the city does offer several restaurants that are dog-friendly and serve authentic cuisine that’s vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free.

    Check out these six dog-friendly restaurants in L.A. on your next visit:
    • Eveleigh
    • On Sunset
    • A Vôtre Santé
    • Tanino Ristorante
    • Home Restaurant
    • The Waffle

    1. Eveleigh

    Eveleigh is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in L.A. Their menu focuses on Californian cuisine with a bit of Southern European flair mixed in. Menu items offer vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Brunch and dinner are served throughout the week, along with an extensive selection of drinks. Their menus change each week.

    Sample menu items at Eveleigh include:

    • Chia pudding
    • Whole roasted branzino
    • Local urchin ceviche
    • Brown butter rainbow cauliflower
    Eveleigh features a beautiful garden patio, as well as three back patios that overlook downtown L.A. The three back patios feature flowers and simple lights to capture the ambiance of a garden party.

    2. On Sunset

    On Sunset is an indoor and outdoor pet-friendly restaurant at the Luxe Hotel in Bel-Air. The fine-dining restaurant’s breakfast, dinner and lunch menus offer California dishes infused with the flair of French cuisine.

    Menu items at On Sunset include:

    • Lemon-ricotta pancakes crème fraiche
    • Farmer’s market gazpacho
    • Ballerine pasta a la puttanesca

    • Organic roasted beets
    On Sunset features an extensive wine list, with labels from France, Spain and Italy, as well as California and Oregon. A selection of Mediterranean cocktails is also available. The L.A. restaurant is family friendly and offers smaller portion sizes for children 12 and under.

    3. A Vôtre Santé

    A Vôtre Santé offers a shaded outdoor patio for you and your dog to dine. The American cuisine restaurant features vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options. An expansive list of wines is also offered, with labels from France and Italy.
    Menu items include:

    • Organic vegan pancakes
    • Wood oven roasted Brussel sprouts
    • Porcini and Portobello mushroom pizza
    • Falafel wrap
    A Vôtre Santé offers something for everyone. A diverse menu meets the needs of vegans, as well as the omnivores in your party. The restaurant’s shaded, secluded outdoor area provides a place for your dog to relax while you eat as well.

    4. Tanino Ristorante

    Tanino Ristorante features seasonal lunch and dinner menus of Italian cuisine. The Renaissance-style building features an indoor seating area and an outdoor, pet-friendly patio.

    Seasonal menu items at Tanino’s include:

    • Risotto ai funghi
    • Penne arrabiatta
    • Burrata e prosciutto
    • Panzanella
    Tanino Ristorante offers a gluten-free version of its homemade pasta. Platters at the restaurant are prepared with traditional and modern ingredients to create an irresistible meal.

    5. Home Restaurant

    Home Restaurant is one of the most well-known dog-friendly restaurants in L.A. It offers a large, outdoor seating area for you and your dog as well as organic dog treats and free water. Home Restaurant serves breakfast and dinner with vegetarian and vegan options available.

    Menu items include:

    • Chilaquiles
    • Beet and pear salad
    • Kale quinoa wrap
    • Grain bowl
    Home Restaurant is located north of downtown L.A. in the Los Feliz neighborhood.

    6. The Waffle

    The Waffle is a popular dog-friendly restaurant in L.A. and is known for its selection of breakfast foods, including waffles. The diner-style restaurant is located in Hollywood and serves American cuisine with vegetarian and vegan options, with a focus on using fresh and local products. It also offers a selection of organic coffees and freshly squeezed juices.

    Sample menu items include:

    • Vegan waffles with fruit
    • Vegan pancakes
    • Vegetarian salad
    • Vegetarian scramble
    The Waffle offers an outdoor patio for its pet-friendly dining. Menu options for children are also available at this family friendly restaurant in L.A.
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    The Best Organic Restaurants in Los Angeles

    Organic restaurants can be challenging to discover as it’s a difficult task for restaurants to become 100 percent organic. Several restaurants across L.A., however, are showing that providing all-organic meals is achievable.

    Sample the menu of these six organic restaurants in L.A. the next time you’re in town:
    • Shojin
    • Bottega Louie
    • SunCafé Organic
    • Manuela
    • Akasha
    • Café Gratitude

    1. Shojin
    Shojin is a Japanese vegan restaurant and serves macrobiotic cuisine that’s vegan, gluten-free, organic and natrual. It has become one of the best vegan and organic restaurants in L.A. since its start in 2007.

    All menu items at Shojin are guaranteed not to include:

    • Meat or fish
    • Dairy
    • Gluten
    • Refined sugar
    • Brown sugar
    • Agave
    • Artificial seasonings
    • Chemical preservatives
    Shojin is located on the third floor of the Little Tokyo Market Place and offers free, two-hour parking to patrons. Call ahead for reservations to ensure there’s seating for you and your party.

    2. Bottega Louie
    Bottega Louie is a restaurant and patisserie in downtown L.A. The Italian restaurant uses organic and fresh ingredients to create an incredible set of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert menus. A vast selection of wines is also available.
    The restaurant’s menu offerings include:

    • Potato pancakes
    • Pomodoro pasta
    • Burrata and roasted vine tomatoes
    • Tiramisu
    Bottega Louie offers concierge shuttle service throughout the downtown area. Valet parking is also available in the evening, or a paid parking building is available for use across from the restaurant.

    3. SunCafé Organic
    SunCafé Organic offers a casual dining experience with organic and vegan cuisine. The meals prepared at the café use unprocessed ingredients, and their selection of cheeses are created in-house with nuts and seeds.

    Their menu brunch, lunch and dinner options include:

    • Sun bruschetta
    • Buckwheat and cornmeal pancakes
    • Marinated beet and quinoa salad
    • Teriyaki tempeh stir fry
    SunCafé Organic also features an award-winning macaroni and cheese. A selection of sixteen vegan and organic wines and hand-crafted cocktails are also served, as well as nine craft beers from the tap.

    4. Manuela
    Manuela is one of the newest organic restaurants in L.A. The restaurant features a kitchen garden with seasonal vegetables and herbs to create Manuela’s brunch, lunch and dinner items. Menu items at Manuela’s change daily to reflect what’s growing in the garden.

    The restaurant’s menu includes:

    • Hushpuppies
    • Grilled avocado
    • Charred Cauliflower
    • Blistered Snap Peas
    • Meringue
    Manuela is located in downtown L.A. near the Los Angeles River, inside at the Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles Art Complex. The dining area features a brass and marble bar, as well as custom made refurbished furniture to create a relaxed and casual ambiance.

    5. Akasha
    Akasha was the winner of the 2017 Diners’ Choice Award, emphasizing its growing role as one of L.A.’s best organic restaurants. Its dishes use sustainable, organic ingredients to create American cuisine that offers options for vegetarians and vegans.
    Its menu items include:

    • Gluten-free buckwheat waffles
    • Red quinoa pilaf
    • Local beets and avocado salad
    • Daily vegan muffins and scones
    Akasha is a family and kid-friendly restaurant in the L.A. area. Their children’s menu also offers gluten-free options. Wine, cocktails and beers are available as well at Akasha.

    6. Café Gratitude
    Café Gratitude is a 100 percent organic and plant-based restaurant. It serves American cuisine throughout lunch and dinner hours to patrons.

    Available meals include:

    • Pad Thai kelp noodles
    • Sautéed market vegetables
    • Macrobiotic bowl
    • Baked fruit cobbler
    Café Gratitude features a rewards program, Gratification, that lets you earn points for every purchase, as well as early access to the newest menu items. You’ll also receive a free birthday vegan dessert. Redeem points for discounts on entrées.

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