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CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES "It's a serious business which needs to be dealt with by serious people"

October 16th, 2015

Bodyguards/close protection officers have been around for thousands of years. Throughout history members of the monarchy and aristocracy, as well as politicians and diplomats, conquerors and rulers all had close protection officers and guards around the clock.

From the Roman era and great civilizations of antiquity - to today - the safety and protection of wealthy and politically influential figures has been a very sensitive matter. Every emperor, king and president, as well as powerful businessmen, have some sense of concern for their safety due to their power and leadership.

Julius Caesar, a Roman statesman / dictator, travelled everywhere with his guards. Back then bodyguards were easily manipulated - they were bribed by Caesar’s enemies, which resulted in him being allowed to be assassinated. Abraham Lincoln’s personal close protection officer, John Parker, was supposed to be stationed at Ford’s Theatre on 14th April 1865. However, that particular night, he was nowhere to be seen and Lincoln was assassinated.

But now, in the 21st century the security industry has become more lucrative. We are more intelligent and understand the value of life in a vastly different way. We take pride in what we do because we have a stronger work ethic, and we carry out tasks with a methodical belief. The job titles are more defined, rules and regulations are set and these positions have become more rewarding.

Controlled by governing bodies and coming from military backgrounds, bodyguards are now disciplined, reliable and highly professional, with strong experience which is a hugely valuable asset. Security is a serious matter and the candidates who apply for these roles are serious people who want to protect and serve their principals to the detriment of their own personal safety.

With an increasing number of people requiring close protection in the UK and overseas, there is a growing need for bodyguard services. London, like all major cities, is a hub for the high-profile and the famous. Close protection specialists are used in a variety of circumstances but finding good personnel can be a hard task in itself. There are many agencies out there who deal with security and CPO hire, however, not many agencies fully understand what their clients really need and easily issuing security licenses and simply getting candidates hired isn’t a legitimate process.

Quintessentially People only take on highly-trained bodyguards, who have a wide range of experience - from the Special Forces such as the US Navy SEALS and British SAS to White House Secret Service to other ex-military officers. All of our candidates have been fully vetted and interviewed and we are also able to provide close protection officers who are licenced to carry firearms (in the US only).

To find out more about how close protection recruitment works, or to talk to someone about starting the recruitment process, please call us today.