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China International Boat Show

May 4th, 2017

The China International Boat Show in Shanghai

Have you ever dreamed of attending a boat show in China? If you have and you can only go to one China boat show in your lifetime, there’s one you simply shouldn’t miss — the Shanghai International Boat Show. Since the first China International Boat Show was held in 1996, the Shanghai Boat Show has evolved into the most comprehensive and longest-running established exhibition of its kind in China.

The China International Boat Show takes place in Shanghai every year and the show covers every aspect of the luxury boating and yachting experience. The Shanghai International Boat Show introduces newcomers to the maritime lifestyle and yachting culture. The show also features new products, equipment, technologies and services that enhance the maritime lifestyle for newcomers and seasoned boaters alike.

China International Boat Show Details

The China International Boat Show is the only Chinese member of the globally recognized International Federation of Boat Show Organizers. The show is audited by BPA Worldwide, and it received a coveted trade show certificate from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The China International Boat Show is China’s only exhibition that has the honor to host national pavilions from overseas that were created by their own government’s agencies.

As the premier boat show in China, the China International Boat Show is co-located with several other exhibitions to give visitors a complete view of the leisure, recreation, yachting and luxury lifestyle industries. The other exhibitions that take place around the Shanghai Boat Show include:

• Shanghai International Workboat Show

• Expos Life Style

• Shanghai International Expo Leisure

Given the enduring popularity of the China International Boat Show, the event was recently moved to a new host site, the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The China International Boat Show consumes 55,000 square meters of space. Approximately 550 exhibitors participate in a typical China International Boat Show, and 550 boats are on display.

Around 40,000 visitors, including thousands of international guests, attend the Shanghai International Boat Show every year. These visitors get to experience seven regional and national pavilions while they’re at the show. More than 30 products are normally launched during the Shanghai Boat Show, and more than 30 professional forums and industry-related meetings will take place during the China International Boat Show.

The China International Boat Show is organized by several groups, including:

• Shanghai Association of Shipbuilding Industry: Founded in 1993, the Shanghai Association of Shipbuilding Industry has 123 members that are involved in research, design and other activities related to ships and the boating industry. The group labors to make developments in the boating industry and improve communication between its members and the Chinese government.

• China Boat Industry & Trade Association: The China Boat Industry & Trade Association organizes nationwide activities that advance the boating industry.

• Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co. Ltd.: This group is a joint-venture exhibition organization that has BE THE BEST as its overriding corporate value and business mission. The organization puts together international exhibitions and conferences throughout the year.

• Shanghai Centre for Scientific & Technological Exchange with Foreign Countries: Established in 1973, this nonprofit has been involved with scientific and technological work at an international level for decades. The organization brings local groups, individuals and their foreign counterparts together in the areas of science, technology, economy and trade.

China Boat Show Sectors

The China International Boat Show consists of various sectors that highlight different parts of the luxury lifestyle and maritime and yachting cultures. The show’s sectors include:

• Boats: In this sector, domestic and foreign visitors get to see superyachts, working boats, fishing boats, sailboats, high-speed boats including powerboats, and more.

• Maritime Products and Services: This sector displays the latest innovations that are intended to enhance the maritime lifestyle. You can look at the newest equipment and gear, engines, motors and propulsion equipment when you tour this sector.

• Lifestyle: Maintaining a luxury lifestyle involves more than boats and yachts. It also involves the many premium products you’ll find in the Shanghai Boat Show’s Lifestyle sector. You’ll discover luxury cars, high-end jewelry and watches, indulgent furniture and fine artwork in this area. You’ll be introduced to some premiere brand alcoholic beverages that aren’t readily available elsewhere in the Lifestyle sector as well.

• Leisure & Sports: No boat show that emphasizes the maritime culture and luxury living would be complete without exhibits that focus on leisure and sports. The China International Boat Show has a large sector that’s dedicated to leisure and sports. When you walk through this sector, you’ll learn about the latest golf and outdoor equipment, vacation real estate, RV and camping equipment, entertainment and water sports, kayaks, jet skis and a whole lot more.

• Shanghai Working Boat Show: The working boat area highlights both high-speed and performance boats, and it normally gets a lot of attention from visitors as a result. This sector is designed to promote the development of the maritime economy in China and protect seafarers’ rights and interests.

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