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Cannes' Best Wine Bars

November 2nd, 2017

The Best Wine Bars in Cannes

If a trip to Cannes, France is in your future, you'll want to know where the best of everything is located before you even leave home. If you're looking for great spots to enjoy a nightcap, you'll definitely want to know where the city's most popular wine bars are located.

No trip to France, let alone Cannes, is complete without some fantastic wine enjoyed in a setting that's just as great. Here is a list of the best wine bars in Cannes that you'll want to check out to get the most out of your visit to this chic destination:

  • L'Enoteca
  • Auberge Provencale da Bauttau
  • Le Bar a Vin
  • Le Cercle


If you want to really experience Cannes, you'll want to go where the locals go, at least on occasion. L'Enoteca is a wine bar that's populated with locals and the occasional adventurous tourist. This cute wine bar is located on the waterfront so great views are a given as you enjoy your adult beverages.

The decor at L'Enoteca is eye-catching. It includes aged casks, paintings created by well-known and lesser-known local artists and even some hams dangling from the ceiling.

The atmosphere at this popular haunt is low key and relaxed. Offering more than 100 wines, L'Enoteca offers food that's just as elegant as the varietals it serves in an environment that's exceptionally comfortable. While you'll want to spend as much time as possible at this cozy oasis, you'll need to arrive early to get a seat - especially if live music is scheduled.

Auberge Provencale da Bouttau

While the Auberge Provencale da Bouttau has been around for years, the property continues to stand out because it's literally a bar within a bar. This wine bar is the home of the Cotton Club, which is a jazz lounge. You can enjoy live music every Friday and Saturday at the Cotton Club as you sip your favorite wines.

The Auberge Provencale da Bouttau has rustic decor that somehow manages to complement the jazz music you'll hear on the weekends. While the Auberge Provencale da Bouttau is worth a visit any evening of the week, the Cotton Club transforms this location into a must-visit wine bar every Friday and Saturday.

Le Bar a Vin

Like L'Enoteca, Le Bar a Vin is a wine bar that attracts a large local crowd every day. This sought-after wine bar's drink menu includes about 100 wines that are sure to please new sippers, wine connoisseurs and everyone in between the two. This popular haunt serves a wide variety of cheeses that pair nicely with the varietals you can enjoy at this location.

If you can't get a seat inside, you won't be disappointed because comfortable seating is also available outside. You'll sit on high stools at tables that were crafted from repurposed barrels when you visit this wine bar. Perfect for a date or a laugh-filled gathering with friends old and new, Le Bar a Vin should be on your short list of must-visit wine bars whenever you're in Cannes.

Le Cercle

Although it's not a traditional wine bar, Le Cercle is certainly worth a visit if you're looking for an ideal location to sip your favorite vintage in a quiet environment. Located in the Le Grand Hotel, Le Cercle is inviting and comfortable on the inside. On the outside, this bar is the perfect spot to take in stunning views of the sea and La Croisette. More often than not, you'll be able to listen to music played by the bar's in-house pianist when you visit Le Cercle in the evening.

If you're traveling to Cannes, let us know what wine bars you'll visit to make your trip complete. If you find some great wine bars that aren't on our list of the best, let us know what they are when you return home.