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Best Restaurants In Cannes

August 31st, 2017

Top-Rated Restaurants in Cannes, France

Cannes boasts a stunning view of the French Riviera, a favorite for yachting, and is home to the famed Cannes Film Festival. Visits to the city’s festivals, museums and waterways may be the reason for your trip, but a visit to Cannes is not complete without sampling their local cuisine.

Try these eight top-rated restaurants in Cannes on your next visit:
  • Le Park 45
  • La Palme d’Or
  • Le Manoir
  • Auberge Provencale de Bouttau
  • La Mirabelle
  • L’Affable
  • Restaurant La Passagere
  • La Cabane de L’Ecailler

1. Le Park 45

Le Park 45 is found at the Le Grand Hotel of Cannes. The Michelin one-star restaurant features light and inventive French and Mediterranean cuisine that’s served indoors or out on a terrace that overlooks the hotel’s gardens and water.

Vegetarian and vegan options are available on Le Park’s lunch and dinner menus. Le Park 45 also offers a full wine selection and valet parking.

2. La Palme d’Or

La Palme d’Or has been a Michelin two-star restaurant for more than 26 years. Its location in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Cannes offers you a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea from the dining room terrace.

The restaurant’s menu is inspired and crafted from local and seasonal produce to create a selection of French, European and Fusion cuisine. La Palme d’Or also offers vegetarian-friendly and vegan options.

3. Le Manoir

Le Manoir features traditional French, European and Mediterranean dishes, which are created from seasonal produce and local ingredients. The restaurant is located away from the French Riviera, but it’s within walking distance along Petite Rue Saint-Antoine.

The small restaurant offers a cozy spot to dine and accepts reservations online or by phone to ensure your dining area is available when you arrive for dinner.

4. Auberge Provencale de Bouttau

Auberge Provencale de Bouttau began in Cannes in 1860. The restaurant serves a variety of Mediterranean, French and European platters that are vegetarian-friendly. Famous faces, such as Sean Connery, George Clooney and more have visited Auberge Provencale de Bouttau to sample the restaurant’s French meringue and cooked duck breast.

The restaurant also hosts a Cotton Club on Fridays and Saturdays, which features live music performances and dancing. Auberge Provencale de Bouttau is found on Rue Saint-Antoine.

5. La Mirabelle

La Mirabelle offers an intimate location featuring stone walls and two terraces that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Their menu features European, French and Mediterranean meals, as well as vegetarian-friendly platters.

The charming restaurant includes a wine cellar with a broad selection of wines to complement your afternoon meal of roasted cod or an evening dessert of raspberry mousse. La Mirabelle is located on Rue Saint-Antoine.

6. L’Affable

L’Affable features a dinner and lunch menu of delicious Mediterranean, French and European cuisine, with a selection of vegetarian-friendly options. The restaurant is found overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on Rue la Fontaine.

The restaurant also features a wine list and recommendations to pair with your afternoon or early evening meal. A lunch package is available and includes an entrée and main course item, or a dessert and a main course dish.

7. Restaurant La Passagere

Restaurant La Passagere is located at the Hotel Belles Rives, providing you and other guests with a breathtaking view of the French Riviera. A Michelin one-star restaurant, Restaurant La Passagere, offers a signature dinner menu inspired by French, Mediterranean and European cuisine that’s served in three courses.

Visit Hotel Belles Rives’ La Plage for a waterfront view and luncheon. Relax at your shaded table on the boardwalk, while your server brings you a Provencal-inspired lunch accompanied by pastries created by the hotel’s award-winning pastry chef.

The Bistrot Terrasse is another top-rated restaurant at the Hotel Belles Rives that’s open during lunch and dinner. Choose from 22 different types of wine to complement your meal in Cannes.

8. La Cabane de L’Ecailler

La Cabane de L’Ecailler is one of Cannes’ top-rated restaurants for sushi. The restaurant also serves a variety of other seafood, including oysters and lobsters. La Cabane de L’Ecailler offers brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert menus.

Dine outdoors or indoors at La Cabane de L’Ecailler, which overlooks the riverfront, above Prom. De la Pantiero. Private events can also be hosted or catered by the restaurant to celebrate a special personal or company event.

Cannes offers a beautiful riverfront and authentic French and Mediterranean cuisine. If you’re planning to sail or fly to Cannes and dine at these locations soon, consider letting us find you the best MLC Certified yacht or aircraft crew to ensure a smooth sailing or landing.