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10 Characteristics to Look for in a Nanny

May 10th, 2018

10 Characteristics to Look for in a Nanny

Your kids are your most important assets, and it’s critical that you know what to look for in a nanny if you’re thinking about hiring someone to tend to your little ones. You don’t have to be a zillionaire to want the best for your children. Your kids deserve the best caregiver regardless of your income level.  

Sought-After Nanny Characteristics

As is the case with executives, chefs, doctors and many other positions, successful nannies often have specific characteristics that make them sought-after experts in their field. While some of these traits can be acquired, others are simply inherent, which makes certain people more likely to succeed as childcare providers. If you want to know what to look for in a nanny you’re going trust with your children’s well-being, it’s imperative for you to know the characteristics that set the best ones apart from the rest. While a given candidate doesn’t necessarily need to have every single trait to be effective at their job, it’s generally a good idea to only consider candidates who have as many of the desirable nanny characteristics as possible. Here are 10 traits you should look for in a nanny:
  1. Fondness for Children
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Child Development Skills
  4. Patience
  5. Awareness of Safety
  6. Reliability
  7. Nurturing Nature
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Organization Skills
  10. Trustworthiness

Fondness for Children

For a nanny to truly be successful and render a high-level of care, the person must genuinely love kids. Caring for someone else’s children is a privilege that’s unlike any other job. If someone doesn’t have an inherent fondness for children, the individual will see their role as a job instead of a privilege, and your children will sense it from the get-go.


Not everything that gets kids excited thrills adults. While your kids may be looking forward to watching the latest episode of their favorite cartoon for the 50th time, the notion of hearing the familiar theme song may cause you to cringe. Nannies, on the other hand, delight in all things child-related. They have a natural enthusiasm for the things that interest, entertain and engage children, and they’re enthusiastic about participating in everything that piques your children’s interest.  

Child Development Skills

It’s essential for a nanny to have an understanding of child development so that the person can arrange age-appropriate activities for your kids. Whether your kids are homeschooled or they’re educated outside of your home, a nanny must be able to supplement their learning outside of the formal or informal schoolroom.  


With nannies spending so much time with children, it’s vital that they have a full reserve of patience. Just like you experience different moods throughout the day, so do kids. A nanny must be able to weather the temperamental storms without becoming irritated or losing their temper.  

Awareness of Safety

Nannies are responsible for your children when your kids are in their care. This makes it necessary for a nanny to be vigilant about your kids’ safety and to be prepared to take action to protect your children against any threats to their well-being.  


When you hire a nanny, you’re going to rely on that person to be on time and to follow through with their obligations so that you can do the things you need to get done. Reliability is one of the key characteristics a nanny must have.  

Nurturing Nature

A nanny must have a nurturing nature. A nanny must be able to support and encourage your children when you’re not able to do so yourself so that your kids can thrive. If a person isn’t a natural nurturer, you should move on to the next candidate.  

Communication Skills

A nanny must have good communication skills. You will give your nanny instructions they must follow, and your nanny must relay information to you and your children, some of which may be critical.  

Organization Skills

Nannies have schedules to follow and a wide variety of tasks that must get done every day. To succeed in their role, nannies must be organized.  


It is absolutely necessary for a nanny to be trustworthy. After all, you're leaving this person in charge of your most valuable assets.  

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